Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Tuesday August 9, The Shite Hits the Fan Again. Mars squares Uranus rx

Dark clouds roll in as the energy in the air shifts drastically as Mars squares unpredictable Uranus rx. The winds of change are upon us again, and have the potential of becoming disturbed and forceful. Out of nowhere, obstacles appear in front of us, and challenge us. Most likely, these are old issues ressurrecting, which may cause us to stand and fight for our uniqueness and truth. We could act impatiently, jump the gun, debate, or rebel to last minute changes. Movement without real strategy can create clumsiness, chaos, and accidents. Use caution today, with a possibility of weather turning unfriendly, or fires with electrical connections. Favorable energy for this aspect is breaking ourselves from habits, changing routines, and masterminding new solutions to old problems. Expect powerful results if handled correctly. We’re following our instincts as Moon trines corrective Mercury rx, and sextiles intuitive Neptune rx this afternoon. Then as Moon enters Capricorn shortly after, we’re more comfortable as we ground and protect ourselves from emotional insecurities. Tarot insight for today: Ten of Cups rx, The Empress: An unresolved problem requires our love and compassion.

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  1. Man oh man!

    I’ve done my best to lay low and stay calm, but darn! Even though texting the energies other people are giving off are toxic and intolerant.

    How does this tie to London?


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