Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Tuesday July 5, Do You Hear Me? Mercury square Jupiter

We trust that doors are opening for us as Moon trines positive Jupiter and powerful Pluto this morning. By afternoon, we’re having a hard time grasping onto our thoughts as Mercury squares Jupiter. Our thought-processing is a bit scattered and overloaded, and we have a hard time listening to what others are ‘bringing to the table’. We’re full of ourselves, and there’s a possibility that something could hit the fan if we’re not cautious with our word choices. As Moon squares impatient Mars, we could be trying too hard, which increases stress for misunderstandings, assumptions and criticism. Today’s Virgo moon is influencing a need for perfection and improvement. Evening delivers a kind Moon/Sun sextile that puts our emotions and ego back into harmony. Be understanding with others, and be kind to ourselves. Tarot insight: The Emperor, Seven of Wands: We’re the power that steers our path with success.

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