Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Tuesday June 14, Investments in Love & Money Depreciates, Venus quincunx Pluto rx

We may find ourselves doing what we need to in support our emotions as Moon opposes teasing Venus this morning, but it could end up sidetracking us from our responsibilities. Sugary sweets and other temptations may be the apple pie of our eye, especially as the Sagittarian Moon encourages us to eat, drink, and be merry. Emotional cravings stablize by the afternoon, and we most likely learn our lesson from it as Moon sextiles restrictive Saturn. Later, Venus (love, money) quincunx Pluto rx, and what we’ve desired and held onto, loses it’s value and importance to us. What we have invested into, love, money, values, depreciates and cheapens. Altho Venus has been stressed with Saturn’s heavy fist, his past six months of retrograde forced us to take a look at some very serious issues. We get to sigh with a bit of relief since he stationed for direct motion on Sunday, but we’re still not out of the clear. We’re still in the process of transformation and shedding attachments, and as Pluto continues to retrograde, we’re considering what is weak in our growth. What, or possibly who, we thought held great power, has decayed at the roots as Pluto (transformer) transits Capricorn (foundations). To regain our own inner power back, we must either destroy the rot, or start over completely with brand new roots. ‘Every act of creation, is an act of destruction’. Pablo Picasso. Tarot insight: Ten of Wands rx, The Magician: Dedication with invested hard work strengthens our word and intention.

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