Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Tuesday June 28, Shadow-Boxing our Inner Demons, Sun opposes Pluto

With terminating Pluto continues to retrograde until September 2011, the recent eclipses and Friday’s Solar eclipse… we are a witness to the slow decaying process that is happening in our lives. What has weakened beyond repair is falling away, and slipping from our fingers. Cycles are ending, doors are closing, and old skin is shedding – while revealing new opportunities with new chapters at the same time. This morning, we have two grand pooba’s of the cosmos, disagreeing and standing up against each other in a Sun/Pluto opposition. In one corner we have the King of Light, and in the other corner we have the Dark Lord. Major extremes, create major shifts. Light against dark. Truth versus falsehood. Strength confronting weakness. Heaven facing off with hell. And as above in the skies, so below on earth. We may literally feel certain areas of our lives and/or relationships being pulled into two separate directions. Deep psychological crud is rising to our surface. We may find ourselves struggling to find direction today, and in result, the fear can overwhelm us when we become aware of losing control. We must remember that the only person that we can control is ourselves. Significant willpower is ours. By understanding this, the elimination process can be a bit easier. Individual hearts follow their own true path, so we may want to ask ourselves ‘why the struggle’? We’re shadow-boxing with our inner demons. While this may not sound like a day at the park, this procedure produces a powerful transformation for inner power and spiritual healing. Think of mold (our toxic attachments) rotting away when placed into the healing rays of the sun, allowing a clean future and new life.

Emotional energy moves from the strong, protective arms of Taurus, as Moon enters the bachelor pad of Gemini. Like some of the latest news in the airlines, we’re cutting back on the emotional baggage, and aim to fly light. ‘Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be’. We’re expressive through factual information and communications. Be alert to a rush of phone calls, texts, email messages, faxes, and chitter chatter at the office. Later, Moon creates a friendly sextile with influential Uranus, then conjuncts busy Mars. Tarot insight: Strength rx, Six of Cups: Emotional impressions from our past weaken us.

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  1. Kelton says

    Nice analogy with the mold and sunshine.

  2. Thank you!