Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Tuesday, June 7, Words Re-Written in Stone, Mercury trine Saturn rx

We’re giving into our weaknesses as Moon squares lazy Venus this morning. While self-nurture is good, use caution as cravings and temptations come calling, especially under Saturn’s transit. Our thought-processing and communication skills are strengthened today as Mercury trines teacher Saturn rx. By taking quality time to think and re-organize goals, pre-plan through obstacles, to construct the perfect blueprint for mapping out our path. Opportunities exist, so we are bound to get it right this time. Pieces of information will fall into place much more easily, which will help us to learn healthy boundaries in our relationships (Saturn rx in Libra) and how to create a strong foundation to get what we need – the right way. Communications are more serious and pronounced, as we show patience, dedication, and explanation to produce progress. It all may make logical sense at first, but as Moon shifts into analytical Virgo, we may decide to go deeper into our needs to really assess and examine what we are building. If the puzzle is too hard to put together, our fears (Saturn rx) may rise with uncertainties as to what we are transmitting. Self-study the intentions of our heart, and we can discover a world of goodness as Luna trines Jupiter. Trust it, and write down what is found so we don’t lose our purpose when Moon opposes guilty Neptune rx this evening. ‘Information is not knowledge. Albert Einstein’. Tarot insight from The High Priestess, The Hierophant: It may not feel right, but a great moral lesson is in the teaching.

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