Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Tuesday March 1, Super Freaky Love, Venus in Aquarius

We’re feeling unique and nurturing our inner voice as Moon enters Aquarius in the wee hours. We may be tough to sway when detaching, so breathe and allow an open-mind and clear communications. We hunger for a change of scenery as Venus sextiles Uranus in the earlier part of the day. We could find ourselves straying into unusual friendships in order to sample something new on the menu. It’s experimental, and Venus  wants it. Use caution as your taste in today’s flavor may not be a permanent fix, but have fun – because we’re being encouraged to break barriers and limitations. If you aren’t ready to go all the way – be careful as to what you wish for. We’re optimistic and generous as Moon sextiles bubbly Jupiter this afternoon, and we’re buying rounds of root-beer for everyone. Feel good!

Venus says goodbye to traditional Capricorn, while Scottie beams her up and ‘out there’ in futuristic Aquarius for the next six weeks. We’ve had our fill of ‘typical’ and ‘predictable’ choices, and Venus in Aquarius is hungry for change and ‘the unusual’. ‘She’s Super Freaky, yow’. Our decisions may not be typical, and others may not feel as if they know us by our spontaneous (and possible strange) interests. We may adapt to the energy and do the opposite as to what others expect of us, just because we can. With Mars in Pisces, our actions simply go with the flow. Venus, who rules Taurus and Libra, is being tested by Taskmaster Saturn about responsibilities and discipline. Venus can be focused too much on the immediate enjoyments and temptations, rather than on long-term effects or consequences. While the cosmos are busy shaking things up, we may expect Mother Earth to do a little shaking herself in the weeks ahead, but March usually blows in like a lion anyway, right? When Venus desires, she places value on it. In Aquarius, it’s about wanting fresh space, new friendships, while expanding ourselves into larger circles, social organizations, exciting inspirations, and being the humanitarian. We yearn to be with like-minded people. In business, networking becomes of more value. We may feel entitled to what we want now, and we could rely on self-gratifying purchases. In relationships, individuality is a need. We want free love, originality, no limitations, and to ‘get our freaky on’. Additional insight received from Five of Pentacles rx and Seven of Swords rx: ‘Once we get out of own way, we can see that all is not lost‘. ~Starcana

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