Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Tuesday March 15

We are confident and ready to lead as Moon enters honorable Leo this afternoon. It’s favorable energy for taking control, being in charge, coming out into the spotlight, and using our creativity to accomplish what we set out to do, As she trines with innovative Uranus, we’re able to find solutions that deliver confidence in ourselves. Big ideas, grand thoughts, and deep insight to learn from are the theme later as Mercury conjuncts knowledgeable Jupiter tonight. Communications are enhanced as we simply open our ears, our mind, as well as our vision. We’re in a shadow period as the next Mercury retrograde moves in at the end of this month. Something like clockwork always seems to affect my techie stuff or the way I transmit information over the computer… but if you are noticing something that may need to fix or adjusted now – rather than avoid it, just take care of it now. Back up that computer. My server will be affected, and it may cause an issue with my site and blog. I’ve checked on it many times with my hosting company, but nothing can ever be found and I link it with the retrograde. Appliances, vehicles, machinery, computers, tech toys, cell phones, faxes, computers are all affected and could act a little bonkers – which is their way of speaking in rattles, funky noises, shutting down, and blinking lights – as if to say ‘um hey there, can look this way for a moment, something doesn’t feel right’. By the way… how’s your March Tarotscope coming along? Today’s insight is from The Empress rx and Ten of Wands: Step aside from all that burdens you to clear your mind and perspective.

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