Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Tuesday March 29

We have less traffic in the skies today, as Moon trines satisfied Saturn, then sextiles fortunate Jupiter this morning. We still have the potential to experience yesterday’s vibrations over the time ahead, although the energy is slowly decreasing. We’re able to keep our feelings out of sight as the Aquarius moon sees life as it is, rather than how we hoped to see it.

For some reason (on an intuitive note), I kept being reminded of a fish bowl. Not sure why, but I used it in a recent Pisces post, and then different headlines and images keep coming to me too. At one point I saw ourselves in a fishbowl, which actually reminded me of one of those old fashioned snow globes that we’d shake for a sparkly snow fall. It then made me think of snow here in the area, a lot of snow – mostly because we’ve had blizzards in both March and April. The Super Full Moon makes me a little curious if it may dump a big snow our way in the next few weeks. I guess compared to everything else that has been experienced weather-wise, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Other than that, I’m not sure what the fishbowl signifies as of yet, although I have a few thoughts. Today’s insight is from Eight of Pentacles and The Sun rx: Although the future may be dim, our determination has never been greater.

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