Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Tuesday May 24, The Greatest Prediction Scam

Our mood softens, allowing us to melt and blend into the day as Moon enters the dreamy world of Pisces this morning. We become weak and submissive to her unresponsive waters, which encouraging us to find other creative outlets as Moon conjuncts psychedelic Neptune. Favorable vibrations for artists, musicians, writers, and those who are in creative fields. By the afternoon, a Moon/Sun square leaves us letting go and trusting our higher sources. By the evening, Moon sextiles Pluto with information being delivered to our intuitive senses. Tarot Insight from The Hanged Man, Ten of Pentacle rx: We’re placed on pause to avoid a less than comfortable position.

Totally off topic ~ My heart goes out to the victims of the latest unfriendly storms, as well as for each who has their own tough journey in life, but the weekend prediction of doomsday has me personally irked. Without going ‘all white girl’ on that particular source, situation or promoters, I just have a personal opinion to get off my chest. To avoid any negative feedback who mis understand my intentions, I will start with those who wonder about me and the work that I do. I believe in God, the Universe, and a Higher, Supreme Source. Period. I’m Italian, I grew up catholic, and it was expected that I go to catechism every Sunday following the church mass. I learned nothing and fought it every week, because everything was about sports and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sadly, I did not learn anything quality about religion until I watched ‘The Ten Commandments’ movie, where I was between eight or twelve years old, where I experienced my own connection to something that was bigger than us. A little later, our neighbor took me to their church, a protestant place of worship (which was a little risky) where I became highly interested in their beautiful religious sermon. From there, I believe that was when I became lucky to become open, to other options in life, to experience, to learn, and to grow spiritually.

As a ‘sensitive’ child, in a dysfunctional family, I did not find love and happiness with what the church was promising. But how could I? Maybe I was that ‘one in a million’ who didn’t understand it, or maybe it was the wrong church with the wrong approach. Would that be possible? As an innocent child and good kid, I personally suffered from much fear and nightmares of the images of Jesus being abused, mangled, and tortured for simply being himself. He did nothing wrong. Everything was accusations, and untrue. Nails in his body, thorns piercing his head, with pictures and statues of torment, horror, and blood dripping from them. I vowed that when I had children, I would not allow them to digest such grotesque images or emotions. It was a very personal decision for me, because I was separating from a very traditional religious family background, especially with my aunt being a nun. For those who may not approve or condemn the work that I do, perhaps what I share may shine a little light.

Now that I cleared the air a bit, my goal is to create goodness and moral responsibility, on personal, ethical, and professional terms. But people occasionally feel the need to let me know that the bible claims psychics, fortune tellers, astrologers, etc. are evil and the work of satan. I have associated with people who cheated on their spouse, to be with their best friend’s spouse, who tried cheated the system several times, and manipulated people, including me and my family, for money – but they tried to tell me what I do for work is wrong. I don’t know how they skipped over the simple ten commandments in their book of life… thou shall remember the sabbath day, thou shall not steal, thou shall not steal.. thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, thou shall not covet your neighbor’s house; or anything that belongs to your neighbor, thou shall not commit adultery, etc. They are good simple rules that create peace and unity.

Anyway, in regards to the greatest prediction scam… it’s a fact that only God knows the end of days, correct? Prediction is forbidden in the bible. But isn’t ‘predicting’ exactly what this preacher did? He had no actual proof or responsibility for what he put out there (again), just assumption. He created fear, chaos, loss in the world for many, because he chose to ‘predict’, and not follow his own teachings, or God’s word. In my humble opinion, that’s hypocritical. Not to mention, he was highly irresponsible to his fellow man. You can’t just put out information like that, and think it’s okay. Does he have a disclaimer that what he shares is ‘For Entertainment Only’, because he COULD be wrong? I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s common sense that you don’t do that to people. That’s why there are laws to protect people from that stuff, and from saying it.

Knowing that, I’ve had many people email and ask me why my website disclaimer says ‘Entertainment Only’. I must be ‘fake’ then. Pennsylvania is a religious state, and it is a law in this state that psychic readings and gambling are games of chance, aka entertainment. We enter them at our own risk, where we could come out with either great blessings, or horrific loss. While I go to great lengths to provide wisdom and educate others to create better decisions, I am not intimidated with the state’s disclaimer. I actually think it’s smart to protect everyone, both the reader and the customer. I don’t claim to know all the answers.  Obviously I am not God. Many of my long-term clients will tell you that I will be the first one to admit and say ‘I could be wrong’. It is the purpose that I wanted to write…. to learn how to communicate better, and to be more distinct with my thoughts and my words. As an honest individual, my integrity and my word is all that I have. I understand that I am no one popular in media, nor am I of great importance… but I do know that what little I do share with others, will create some sort of reaction and consequence.. which is why I do my best to try harder… because the more mistakes that we make, the more we learn what the ‘right’ way is. ‘We must recognize the great capacity we all have within’. Dali Lama

The moral of my rant: We all digest information, daily. What we CHOOSE to communicate and consume will either be based of fact and reality, or on gossip and assumptions. Seriously, think about our personal reality and what’s in the news… should we completely accept and buy what we hear from a boss, a co-worker, family, a friend, a telemarketer, a used car salesman, a neighbor, a gossip column, entertainment shows, a child, a teacher, a relative, a business partner, a weather man, a cop, a politician, an insurance man, a government leader, a spouse, a banker, an eighty year old priest? How many of them share information with us, but proved to be wrong or deceptive? Wouldn’t life be a lot more easier if we had had respect for those who listen and believe us at every word? Not always, but someone is usually ignoring and denying the facts, because it takes genuine work to research the truth, or they simply have hidden motives. Not to sound too snarky, but every single individual on this planet who has a brain and can use their voice, should have a ‘for entertainment only’ banner tattooed onto their forehead – no matter what what sex, career choice, state of residence, religion, etc ~ not just my profession. Just sayin….

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  1. Suzi,

    I loved your post and your openness. I applaud your loving blog and courageously honest posts. There is nothing offensive about you and I’m frankly surprised that anyone could even imply such a thing. As you said, it’s often hypocritical. There is no one out there who is even remotely perfect and yet so many of us feel entitled to harshly rejecting things, mostly things we don’t understand.

    Keep on keepin’ on!


  2. Fantastic article Suzi! Religion is such a taboo subject but we must speak out about hypocrisy or hypocrisy wins. You have so much of value to say and I always enjoy reading your posts.

    I find it interesting that people who are the most spiritually gifted are not famous or super-rich but are the humble ones who don’t need these superficial trappings because their gifts present them with inner abundance. I feel fortunate to come across someone like that. Thank you Suzi for sharing your gifts with us, I’m blessed to have found you!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words Mentha! (I love your name!) and I truly appreciate your support!

  4. Rockin words that you’ve shared, thank you so much Linda, I am totally honored!

  5. Wow. This was a good one to read. I researched astrology’s roots in Western Religion myself, and let me tell you, there’s a ton of connections. I personally favor the traditional views of astrology. Until the Enlightenment, of course, astrologers were the first scientists, and at the same time the truest prophets (at least after Jesus came) as well as often high-quality artists.

    You do know little things like how no one may know “the hour” of the End. How can this leader not be aware of such obvious basics of the Bible? Because he is an entrepreneur and no scholar. As far as I know, Bible scholars or serious students have a quite difficult time remaining under the Evangelical label. They know the actual information.

    Me too, because I’m a God devotee who’s been called insane for it for years. I can face up to it when I’m being blamed for something I’ve done wrong. And I also know what I’ve done right, which is learning classical Greek, classical Latin, some Biblical Hebrew, and also–get this, derivational morphology in the style of the International Scientific Language.

    What’s that mean? It’s the way those classical root words have been morphed into English or highly exclusive technical terms of science, research, medicine, and law. In my case it’s spirituality, and that puts me on a level along with a lot of thought leaders that one might lump into a category called New Age.

    Now, New Age is not what I am. I’m a guy who’s done his homework, though, and I can tell you this: as Jesus said, the great danger to His people is not militant atheists and fighters for gay rights and such. Not in the least. And if they’re against God or against some churches, then everyone knows it. No big deal. Life goes on.

    The real danger is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Those are the guys you think you can trust but you can’t. Unfortunately they’re from within the church, the weeds among the wheat, and also sadly they happen to be likely identified with conservative politics. The liberals have their shortcomings spiritually too, of course, but the difference is that the conservatives are supposed to be devotees when the social scientists who specialize in studying them know it’s not necessarily true at all.

    Here’s what I term these fellows at the moment: pseudoprophetic. Maybe they’re semisane in touch with their quasireality. Personally, I deal a lot with the skepticosarcastic around town here in Minneapolis, but they’re only annoying. They’re not as false as flustered.

    I guess what gets me is there’s never the same reason for “the church” in the Information Age. How could all these people follow this guy setting a date without researching it for themselves? Or, more yet, will they go their whole lives putting off finding out what people have known about God all throughout history? When they’re literate Americans who can Google how-to solutions but they can’t face the pages of their own holy book, I have my doubts a preacher can lead them there.

    I’m all about facing up. I’m all about awareness. No, it’s not Zen. I don’t want to change how I feel. I want to accept it. I don’t believe the truly aware need to change everything all the time. Awareness is acceptance. Biblically they call it being awake. Aware and awake. I love facing stuff because it never bothers you again then. Except when it’s facing the wolf. The wolf keeps coming back and trying again.

  6. Thank you Jason, I’m glad you enjoyed the article! You’ve shared some really great points, as it’s an ongoing subject, that’s for sure. :o)

  7. OMG I want to go have coffee with all of you, right now!!
    Suzi I just today found your blog via another blog and I am loving it! I was raised Lutheran without question and never believed in astrology until the last few years. Now to me it seems silly that God, who I KNOW to exist, would not have all these things…everything…connected and speaking to each other. Each star, each planet, each and every thing affecting each other. Why wouldn’t the planets have meaning to us, in a galaxy (whatever that really is!) that God created (however he/she did it!)?? The idea of mutual exclusivity in spirituality makes me twitch.

    I’ll have a double mocha, no whip, 3 splenda please.

  8. Thank you Kelly, I appreciate the support! It’s really cool to meet on similar grounds too! I agree, it’s all connected. Good luck on your journey with astrology, and don’t forget to have fun with it! Now let’s go get that coffee!


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