Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday April 21, Need ME. Love ME., Venus in Aries

It’s still all about us as Venus (love & money) enters Aries for the next six weeks. If we’re a little self-absorbed, hey.. it’s okay, as there are many planets that are still transiting Aries (the baby of the zodiac). We aren’t afraid to demand, react, and voice ourselves with ‘feed me’, ‘love me’, ‘desire me’, ‘pamper me’. We value the traditional knight in shining armor or the protective lioness who will fight and defend for love. We value the raw action that is taken, to prove one’s love. Share a little baby talk and romantic coo’s to score extra points. We need to know we’re special, but remember, our partners, relationships, children, etc also need to know. Everyone is demanding and wanting – so there can be disagreements on who’s first and who deserves more. Extra steps are expected for the male to perform and be the man….  while the female is expected to behave like a woman. The heat continues to rise in our relationships, from arguments, fights, and even verbal abuse from those who seek someone to break down their walls. With Venus in Aries, we crave for honor, we love to fight, and we need to know who is loyal and trustworthy.

Venus, ruler of Taurus and Libra, is affected as Saturn retrograde continues to transit our relationships with others and with ourselves. Love and money may be moving a lot more slower than normal, or stalled. Saturn is ‘father time’, giving us time to double check ourselves, our morals, and our responsibilities – to make sure we are headed on the correct path and doing the right thing. Our awareness will determine our karma. Yesterday, the Sun entered Taurus, adding leadership and shine into what we are adding and building and adding into our lives now. Know that progress and growth are taking place. Grab your lawn chairs, blankets, and big basket of popcorn! as the Lyrids meteor event is happening tonight after midnight. Insight from the Nine of Wands and Ten of Wands: We’re doing what must be done to prove who we are.

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