Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday February 2, New Moon in Aquarius

Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological HappeningsIn the wee hours of the morning, our values are shifting as they swirl in a whirlpool of imagination and dreams with a Venus/Neptune sextile. What are your dreams speaking to you about? What is changing inside of yourself, that is steering you onto a different course – minus any of the guilt, remorse, or hurt endured. A new horizon is waiting ahead. Shortly after, Venus squares Uranus, and we become finicky about our desires and make a sharp right. Venus rules money and relationships, so you may see quick shifts, if we’re paying attention to minor stuff, when we should be focusing on the bigger picture. Stay alert! In the late morning, Uranus/Mercury sextile, and our perspective changes in lightening speed, but we’re able to grasp and hold onto the information. Brainstorming is favorable at this time, as well as mingling with others to share and collect more details.

Energy in the air has been buzzing much lately, have you noticed? The goal is to create change and move things along in our lives. As everything has it’s positive and ‘not so positive’ traits… you’ll either enjoy the uncontrollable vibration that is making you jump spontaneously into life again… or, you’re likely to be irritable and antsy because you’re sitting and doing nothing with the buzz. We have four planets that are in Aquarius (the reformer) now, the Sun (spirit), Moon (emotions), Mars (action), and Neptune (imagination). Tomorrow, there will be five planets in Aquarius as Mercury (thoughts) joins in on the party to rebel against with what we’ve all settled into. It’s a movement to discover our our own unique purpose, in unity. Our curiosity is being stirred as we itch for excitement – as we’re alive and plugged-in to the constant changes of the Universe, If you aren’t using it, you’re gonna lose it.

Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, thrives on immediate changes and the freedom to constantly shift. He rules the circulatory system, along with the calves, and ankles. If you aren’t a natural mover or multi-tasker, our inner fluids and intellect can experience an energy block if we aren’t going with the natural flow of the cosmos – instigating nervous disorders, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, etc. Work the mind and play puzzles, organize checkbooks, play advanced games or videos. Our brain needs exercising too, as it influences the rest of our body and system.

Tonight’s New Moon is a time that we plant new seeds from our intentions, to live life with a new emotional approach. For example, the last New Moon was In earthy Capricorn (powered with a solar eclipse), inspiring powerful building to create large growth. It was about holding on, to nurture development. With Aquarius, we are to relax the urge to need or want, by simply going along with the flow. We aren’t suppose to try and control our destiny, we only need to do our part, by going for a ride on the magic carpet, and see what surprises come our way. That’s it. The vibrations are masculine and positive, encouraging bold steps toward our future. The only thing that we need to hold onto is our courage and an open mind. As we plant seeds, revolve our aspirations around the water bearer influences, such as large groups and organizations, expanding our social circle, humanitarian acts, movements, socializing, intellect, friendships, new age, alternative options, electricity, power surges, technology, computers, the constellation, astrology, rebellions, petitions, protests, futurists, change, independence, unity, freedom, coming out of the closet, originality, breaking away, truth, evolution, and being carefree. We may be thinking to ourselves something along these lines: ‘You snooze, you lose’.

Look at your natal chart to see what house Aquarius rules, as this would be where the New Moon energies are strongly shifting and evolving for you. To increase the motion, take action-related move to help it along. HUGE (Jupiter) changes (Uranus) are happening, but if you’re nervous, know that you are simply breaking out of a rut. You can have what you are looking for – if you truly know what you seek and desire. You’ve got to pin point it, and then go with it – regardless of the hard turns and fender benders.

I wrote affirmations for a recent article that are related to the energy of the New Moon:

‘My burdens are small stepping stones to find my true direction.

‘I trust myself and the Universe.

‘It is liberating to rely solely on myself.

Here is a small clipping of that particular article from “The Fool’, who is connected with Uranus, jumping into the freedom that you are searching for… ‘Keeping yourself calm and quiet, relate to the Fool in the card image. He has the ability do whatever he wants, coming and going as he pleases, and he holds no heavy weight to limit him. Listen to the quietness. You are free, you can go any direction you like. Imagine for a few, about what you would do with the power of such freedom. Digest this feeling. Allow your imagination to decorate your world. Enjoy and relax in this a few minutes if you like, because this is definitely a happy place, and you deserve to be happy. Read the full article on AstroCreeps >>

We become energized from the New Moon/Mars conjunction, to react instantly. Be wise in your actions. Have you checked your February Tarotscopes yet? You can come back each month and click on the tarotscope image (below) for easy access. Imbolc blessings, and happy groundhog day to you. Enjoy the blessings that the New Moon delivers. “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. Ralph Waldo Emerson’ Insight from the tarot ‘9Wrx, 7S: Sloppy actions speak loudly’. ~Starcana

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