Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday July 27

Emotional energies are ready to react as Moon conjuncts red-hot Mars around lunch. Use these strong vibrations to move something important in your life, otherwise it can fizzle into backlash, especially with Moon in word-master Gemini. Our powerful light and positive energy goes the distance as Sun trines unique Uranus rx. We’re not just reaching for stars, we’re reinventing them. Something shifts within our deepest center which reconnects to our very spirit and reason for happiness. It’s time to manage our own source for joy, but also to follow it. Self-discovery and realization is waking us from a deep sleep. Be ready to heal and make things right in life again. The evening softens nicely into a comfortable mood as Moon creates a friendly sextile to pondering Mercury, then trines sentimental Neptune rx, allowing for affection, romance and creative expressions. Luna enters her natural home in nurturing Cancer, enhancing our urge to give fully of ourselves, while needing the same in return. Tarot insight from Three of Cups rx, Nine of Cups: Experiencing a little too much enjoyment, seems to be the remedy that we’re looking for.

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