Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday June 15, Release Heart to Build a Backbone, Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Sagittarius, Tarot Affirmations

Two weeks ago, we had cosmic event with the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Gemini. This afternoon, a Full Moon rises in Sagittarius, along with a Lunar Eclipse. The Full Moon is in full light, so what we need comes to us in full light. Information and communication has been the intention from the New Moon seeds at the beginning of the month. What has shifted for you? Have you started to close doors? The energy of the eclipse lasts for up to six months, so it’s a good idea to look within to work with our inner needs, so that we can understand what is happening. We can often experience inner chaos at times like these, like emotional anxiety or spiritual distress. The energy can be very intense and unnerving for sensitives, leaving one to feel antsy, low energy, or funky. Personally, I’ve felt ‘all the above’ for the last few days. Emotional and spiritual enlightenments can be likely, and as we receive light at the height of this lunar cycle, we come to an shift in our center that allows us to simply ‘let go’. There’s no more fighting it. We give up, take it for what it is, and start fresh. The eclipse can magnify and enhance the release at a much larger level (which is where the chaos picks up). Not everyone will feel or experience the dramatic movement, but for those who are sensitive or for those who are in sensitive situations, are more likely to feel it. If you are a follower of your natal chart, you can look at what astrological house/or planets are being affected from this fiery burst of energy. For more interesting details on this full moon and eclipse, be sure to check out my pal Astrogrrl.

As the energy become heavy and bloated in Sagittarius, our urge for honesty and emotional truth will be vital. Our heart and our soul craves reality in a big way. The more that we need it, the more that we feel our own individual truth swell and explode, exposing our own true self. Have you felt that recently? The expansive vibrations of change from Jupiter and Uranus in Aries has been cheerleading us on. There is much that we should have learned in the past months, and if not, there’s a good possibility that ‘chaos’ will shock us in the next six months. It is like the student who becomes the teacher. What we have learned from experience – we teach by experience. Releasing to be in full bloom is an emotional necessity now. A resolution is found. We accept loss to close a chapter, so that a new chapter can begin. It sort of reminds me of the hero at the end of a movie, who walks off by themselves into the horizon, accepting a new purpose for living.. and we can’t wait until ‘part two’ comes out. Associated with this Sagittarius influence is law, legal issues, fortune, gambling, publishing, higher education, religion, college, stock markets, travel, speaking, and strong debates. The hips, liver, and thighs are ruled by Sagittarius. Tarot insight: Ten of Wands rx, Three of Cups rx: Our good energy is wasted on seeking temporary happiness and self-gratification.

I enjoy sharing tarot affirmations with some of the more major cycles of the cosmos. Tarot Affirmations are positive statements using the Tarot, to center ourselves while energizing our Mojo! My goal is to help invigorate higher vibrations with creative visualization for self-awareness, while enhancing one’s perspective, confidence, and productivity. Becoming part of the imagery is a necessity as it allows all senses to be encountered. Proclaiming and vocalizing your personal statement out-loud ‘seals your agreement’ with the Universe. Disciplined practitioners sense a significant change within seventy-two hours of repeating the oath. Inexperienced users must understand that it can take a little longer until you find your own rhythm to encounter the magic of will and assertion.

Visualization: Today’s card image of the Ten of Wands can assist in this meditative affirmation. To make this simple, you can have a large overloaded basket of heavy laundry available as a prop. Study the picture and notice how the individual has a long way to go before he can reach his resting spot in the far distance. He awkwardly carries a large bundle as a companion for his journey. He doesn’t feel it’s pressure, as he concentrates solely on his path, and his footwork. Emotions don’t matter, when you have a job to do. Pick up the basket, and walk in place. As you stroll along your imaginary path, think about a specific issue that you have been struggling over. What are dealing with, and how does it affect you and your life? What would you eventually like to accomplish from this situation, once you get through the chaos of tough emotional decisions? What genuine action have you contributed, in order to create a favorable solution? Think about this for a minute or two as you continue to walk. When you have an answer, verbalize it out-loud into the following sentence: “I want to change/remove the _____ , so that I can have _____ , for the purpose of _____. This is your Ecliptic Full Moon intention that will fuel your drive to achieve your goal, by walking forward and leaving something behind. Visualize your dream. It is still very faraway, but is not unreachable, should you decide to travel its challenging distance and rocky voyage. The choice is yours. What you need to determine, is how bad you need this, and what are you willing to sacrifice to get it?

Grasp the heavy basket and hold it tightly up against you. This is the weight that you choose to carry with you each and every day. Week after week. Month after month. How long have you been stressing yourself out? But despite the tension that you put on yourself, you haven’t lett go, nor are you giving up. You insist on being in-control, which can cause limitations, but only from the perspective of where you stand. Choices and potential will feel restricted as you carefully look down to watch your steps, rather than looking forward at the opportunities ahead. You carry much with you, and your heart has grown heavy. Your walk through life could be so much easier if you would just drop this load… but it seem to be very meaningful, as it holds much power and importance to you. What are doing to create the stress on yourself? What are you trying to control? How is it weakening your confidence, or courage to live your life? The burden that you bear is your choice alone.

Pace yourself a little faster as you walk, clutching the basket tighter. Rather than focus on the burdens, imagine what you carry in this basket to represent your inner strength, bravery, and personal power to live your life as you choose. You carry integrity, independence, and freedom. Give yourself permission to be hard on yourself, as you have truly chosen this tough road for a reason. Push yourself to the limit, and refuse to stop for rest or easy excuses. No pain, no gain. Release the unhappy junk, and fill it with excitement and new life. You may feel like you are running on empty at times, but you are taking responsibility for your life. You are proving that you are strong and have what it takes to succeed. Go ahead and smile, you’ve earned it. You want this bad enough, and you will find yourself empowered with great strength to walk through fire for it. No one understands the pressure that you put on yourself, nor will you ever let them see you sweat. You tolerate the pain, because you represent the backbone of your true intention and purpose. And as the deadline nears, when you’re close to the finish-line, and even when the odds are against you – is when your true super-power and magic comes alive!

The Affirm: While being one with yourself, announce your trusted affirmation:

  • I fight for my right to strive to grow.
  • I know what I am made of, and what I need.
  • At the fork of the road, I follow my own path.

I had also found this quote and thought it was quite appropriate. ‘The individual activity of one man with backbone will do more than a thousand men with a mere wishbone’. ~William Boetcker

You already know what we want, but do we understand what we really need? It is time to open the door to our heart, but we need to open it from the inside. It is our time to break from the comforts of our delicate eggshells, to live, to shine, and to allow our heart to sing. Live for who you are today. Now go get your mantra on.

Suzi Dronzek is a full-time cosmic consultant, providing professional readings with spiritual guidance by phone and email. Monday-Friday 10am-7pm EST, 1.50 per minute, MC, Visa, Disc. Call: 724-832-9283. Subscribe by email, rss. Mingle on: twitter, facebook, linkedin. Image Ten of Wands ©1991 Robin Wood, Used with Permission. Tarot Affirmations ©1998-2011 CD INK LLC and All rights reserved. Entertainment only 18+


  1. Danielle Letall says

    Wow!!! This is amazingly accurate for me. I have just been offered a dream job O/S, while I’ve been working on my current career for years, living with a partner whom I have found extremely difficult to live with. I am afraid of letting go, in case it’s not the right choice. However, the job offer ids everything I’ve been dreaming of! My moon is in Sagittarius…I want to travel so much it hurts!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing Danielle, Wishing you courage to chase your dream. 🙂

  3. I love reading these articles because they’re short but infoarmtive.

  4. Thank you!


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