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Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday June 22, Ordered to Shine, Sun trine Neptune

In the wee hours of the morning, Mars squares woozy Neptune rx, and our energy might be a bit off. We may want to consider a second alarm clock, with a chance of oversleeping or patting the snooze button. Dreams may be fuzzy and feel good, possibly sharing old memories. There’s a little more that will distracts us today, which can leave us a bit irresponsible with our work, or just have us postponing our duties. This dizzy energy can lead to clumsy accidents, overlooked mistakes, and exposing our weaknesses. While our desires or ego could feel tested as things do not go as planned, just try to pay special attention as to what is REALLY happening, asking ourselves, ‘Is this really an unfortunate incident, or misfortune’? Basically, there’s much more going on cosmically, than meets the eye. Delays or ‘sharp turns’ happen for a reason. Opportunities are available as Sun trines merciful Neptune rx this morning. We’re alittle more easier on ourselves, as well as with others. Something is in the air that causes us to see what we want to see, as we slip on a pair of rose-colored glasses. Who’s noticing who? Whatever is going on, who cares… as it seems to be working out just fine for us. And the Pisces Moon allows us to smile and flow wherever the current takes us. So take note, that it’s not a day to resist. Let go of control and see what life has in store. Tarot insight: Page of Swords rx, The Magician: Lack of research forces one to rely on self-made guesstimates.

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  1. That’s a nice hope for the day. Yes, I noticed it this morning, getting a hazy quasinap after I awoke so I didn’t have a short sleep amount for the day.

    It’s hard for an overenergized guy like me so snooze button abilities are quite an accomplishment. I tend to fly out of bed and blow away all the people who can’t live without caffeine.

  2. Lucky for you Jason! I swear my blood type is caffeine. I’ve never been a morning person.