Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday June 29

There’s an added funk in the air this afternoon with Mars/Pluto quincunx. We may experience an intense stifled energy and/or restlessness as walls seem to close in on us… but are they really? It’s important to not read too much into the outer world, and to put our attention on our own experiences. As the heavens vibrate with cosmic activity, take a few minutes to become silent and take notice to the uncomfortable stress, and think about what we’re trying to break free of. Use today’s light-hearted Gemini Moon to rationalize what we are feeling. Tarot insight: The Emperor rx, Three of Wands: We can’t create our own, if we’re concentrated on what others are building.

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  1. Actually I find this afternoon one of the best in months. The air is fresh and all obsticles seems to fade away like a charm. I sense that Venus has a roll in the great play and not only mars and pluto. Children are laughing outside, I hear them from the balkony where I am sitting and just simply enjoying.

  2. Awesome Anna! I’m so happy for you! I totally agree with you with that the air is fresh and sweet! With Saturn direct over my ascendant, it’s a downhill ride now. Enjoy the laughter of the children, they deliver beautiful music!