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Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday, June 8, Heavenly Improvement, Jupiter sextile Neptune

There are two minor aspects that could get our panties in a real bunch as Moon squares anxious Mercury this afternoon, and then square frightened Sun this evening. Recognize what is disturbing your emotional security, and then just deal with it. We’ll be inspecting, nitpicking, and criticizing the teeniest flaws ~ in order to create the PERFECT experience with the Virgo Moon. In relation to work, that’s just a bonus in doing a good job. In relationships, it can create too many unnecessary worries of being faultless and looking for imperfections.

As we near the end of the week, Saturn will station after retrograding for six months, so that we can use what we’ve learned to improve our relationships, but also our inner foundations. With Saturn transiting Libra, much of this will have to deal with our relationships, whether that be personal, professional, romantic, or alienated. Use the rest of this time to work on what is at the heart of the matter, and to find healthy solutions. Use the mutable energy of the Virgo Moon to enjoy the flexibility of creative problem-solving and communication. The energy is about intellectualizing the emotions, rather than becoming reactive. Ask plenty of questions and listen well. Have patience and analyze the collected information before making any quick decision-making.

We also have abundant Jupiter sextile spiritual Neptune rx tonight, which creates opportunity with mystical blessings. With Jupiter in Taurus, we believe that we can expand what we already have, by working on increasing it’s size. Jupiter is plentiful in the earthly pleasures now (materialism/possessions). As Neptune transits Pisces, we REfine and RE-improve our ability to blend, mend, and heal, while Neptune REtrogrades and REturns to the past. With the strong watery elements, a natural force of flow takes place, to cleanse and purify itself into a new cycle. As these two planets dissolve nicely into one another, harmony is developed by giving it, and throwing our hands into the heavens, allowing big dreams, learning spiritual laws, an abundance of healing and forgiveness to take place, flourishing a romance, developing in new vision, learning the power of surrender. It’s probably safe to say that theme could be ‘sit back and allow the universe to create’. Now check out your June Tarotscope. Tarot insight: Holey moley! It’s happened again. After shuffling seventy-eight cards, we have the same cards as yesterday appear once again: High Priestess rx, The Hierophant: Stop controlling to trust.

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