Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday March 16

The day is quiet, but she smiles back at us as Luna trines generous Jupiter and efficient Mercury this morning. Around dinner she sextiles constructive Saturn, but we feel unsupported with a Moon/Venus opposition later. Speaking of generosity, Japan needs our help and it is time to donate ten dollars (or more) to their desperate need after the earthquake and tsunami disasters, along with nuclear toxicities. After watching the news, it’s been reported that 10,000 are either reported missing or dead so far, 450,000 are without a home, and they are standing patiently and respectfully in line for hours for food. Since we can never be too safe on the internet, I use the Red Cross volunteer organization to make my donations because they’ve been around for decades, click here to donate on their website. Today’s insight is from the Emperor and Two of Swords rx: Dishonesty cheapens us. ~Starcana

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