Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday March 9, Deliberate Impressions, Mercury enters Aries

There’s a strong gust of wind that shifts us in a whole new direction as Mercury conjuncts Uranus this morning. We’ve got something to say, and we’re intent on transmitting this information. We have our own perspective now, and we’re breaking away from that which binds us, to explore and serve our own individual purpose. We’re expressing our urge to act as Moon sextiles Mars, while the Taurus Moon rationalizes our emotions to make good use of them.

As we’re transmitting information today, our intention may be miscommunicated as Mercury drifts out from drowsy Pisces, and into Aries after lunch. Mercury will be in Aries for the next nine weeks, motivating us to be more courageous and bold in our thoughts and words. Our ideas are more daring while our speech becomes feisty. We think as the captain of our own ship now, taking control and leading ourselves forward. We’re thinking of no one else but ourselves, but if we have loyal followers, we will enjoy the companionship. We’re eager to be in charge of our own life, especially as creative ideas spring us forward, powering up our excitement and vitality. We may be thinking about adding some new people or projects into our life.

On the shadow side, Mercury in Aries can also contain much frustration, especially in an impatient mind, encouraging us to explosively react and verbalize aggression. This mindset can be easily agitated with angry backlashes. This is the stifled volcano who is looking for a way to vent – so if we’re not conquering our passionate dreams and adventures – then we’re seeking to conquer and control others in disagreements and arguments. It will be important to choose our thoughts and words wisely now as Jupiter (abundance) is also in Aries, who will greatly magnify our intentions to either ‘erupt and sound-off’ ~ or ~ ‘generate a genuine change in power’.

Basically we’re more curious about what our potential is in both work and play, and we’re creating ways to express or advance ourselves – sort of in that mind mode that we are ‘due’ and/or entitled to more than we are receiving. Stray away from selfish or egotistical thinking to keep the mind healthy, grounded, and humble. Nine of Cups rx/The Empress insight: ‘Be careful that you aren’t nurturing a misperception’.

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