Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday May 25, Running in Circles, Mars Quincunx Saturn rx

Stormy weather is in the cosmic forecast as Mars quincunx Saturn rx. Our effort to create positive change confuses us as we may feel that we’re getting the short end of the stick. Saturn represents our moral responsibility to do the right thing, and retrograding through justified Libra (relationships), we are most likely experiencing the same old problem once again. It’s kind of funny, as I was listening to some of my old eighties hairband music over the weekend, and ‘Same Ole Situation’ by Motley Crue kept playing, and here I am repeating it over again. Saturn is tough, and doesn’t budge, like a wall of bricks. So you may ask yourself, ‘what is stuck in my life/relationship right now and not moving? Is that particular strength for a good purpose for all involved? Or is it ego based, regardless as to how it affects others? Mars (energy) represents the dynamite that can create a significant change, but it also blasts, having all dodging for cover. Look within, to create a brilliant and inner change today – because that is all that we can control. Otherwise, you’re treading on someone else’s property – and people are bound to defend theirs. The gentle Pisces Moon can help us to throw our hands into the air, and simply go with the flow. Which direction we’re pulled in may be affected as Luna sextiles Venus (desire, values) and Mercury (logic, fact). Tarot insight: Moon rx, Eight of Cups, We’re uncomfortable where this is taking us. I wanted to make a quick mention to thank all who sent me very supportive comments and emails on yesterday’s post: ‘The Greatest Prediction Scam‘. Each of your words carried something special and meaningful, and I am truly grateful from the heart.

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