Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday, November 2, 2011, Learning to Appreciate Life, Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius

How do YOU spell party? However that might be, it’s time to get it on as Venus (values) and Mercury (thought-processing, communications) enters adventurous Sagittarius for the next few weeks ahead. Life is one big party to optimistic Sadge, and it’s contained with lots of fun and plenty of knowledge. For the next three weeks, we’re mentally (Mercury in Sagittarius) preparing to stray beyond our comfort zone. As we experience life, we feed our brain much information, and in result, we have more to communicate and share with others. The number of stories we tell become increased, and the tales grow taller, but don’t let that be confused with not being honest. Sagittarius is all about the truth, they’re always seeking the higher road. Mercury will be speaking the truth in Sagittarius, and Venus will want and appreciate the truth now. The shadow side of this period could accentuate ‘too much talk, with not enough action’, as well as boasting, and being excessive with ‘good times’. It’s favorable energy for traveling, higher education, spiritual pursuits, and enhancing our listening skills.

In partnerships, love and money (Venus in Sagittarius), we’re much more grateful and giving. We crave more of excitement from life and our relationships, so going out to roam and explore other territories seems to be the way to do so. Does this mean with the intention to do something foolish? Absolutely not. It’s about ‘everyone’ getting some fresh air from what has become routine. But if things have grown stale in your connections, it’s a great time to learn (Mercury) how to spice things up, professionally or romantically. Take advantage of expanding what you know, and who you know, to find the particular happiness you seek. Today’s Aquarian Moon couldn’t agree more. Enjoy life, but hold onto nothing and no one. “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Lao Tzu. Tarot insight: Seven of Pentacles rx, King of Cups rx: We’re careless with what has been unstable.

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