Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Wednesday, November 9, 2011, The Soul Sings, Neptune Direct

There’s a heavy weight that we decide to take on as Moon enters stocky Taurus. We gravitate toward our work and responsibilities, along with caring for others in our precious world. In this practical way of experiencing life, we feel appreciative of the fruit of earth and what we have created. Contentment from a grateful heart warms us as Luna conjuncts abundant Jupiter this morning, then trines empowered Pluto this afternoon.

Since June, Neptune (imagination, intuition, music, idealism, divinity) has been retrograde, in order to help us reconnect with ourselves and our own personal dreams. In August, Neptune stepped back into Aquarius, clouding our vision so that we would be able to recreate our individual perspective, personal welfare and journey toward happiness. Today, Neptune and her divine source finally stations, in preparation to return back toward her direct motion. Depending on your own personal situation(s), or natal chart, you may have noticed a certain block of energy in your life. What was once believed to be a natural and creative flow, could have had us feeling empty, disillusioned, or deceived during this inner cleanse. Over the weeks ahead, new waters of love and magic begin to rapidly flow again, creating sparkly vibrations of ingenious passion.

Check your own birth chart to see what house has been influenced and paused by Neptune’s retrograde. If you aren’t sure but curious, you can set up a consultation with me and I will gladly create your chart and provide information that could be of assistance. to you. As for me, my creative talents have been on the blink with Saturn (Disciplinary) in Libra (art) on my ascendant, Uranus (inner rebel) rx, with Neptune rx (inner divine), and Chiron (inner teacher) rx in my fifth house of creativity. I’ve released harmful attachments, and have been healing and becoming whole again (tr. Chiron conjunct with n. Chiron return). Other than a lack of imaginative flow, I’ve literally had issue after issue that prevented me from working creatively and updating my complete website.

About two weeks ago, I began to feel the planetary shift, which allowed me to get back into the groove of recreating my site ~ and voila ~ no friggin’ issues. Just like magic. Can you too, feel yourself waking from a dream that seemed to have have lasted a little too long? After this long, long rest… embrace what you have awakened to, and who you have have become… for this is your new reality. “A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain”. Tarot insight: Page of Pentacles, The Lovers rx: Lessons from the hard facts of life.

A nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System will occur on Wednesday, November 9 at 2:00 PM EST via TV and radio stations.

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