Cosmic Dirt, July 18, 2012, Out of Control Desires, Mars Opposes Uranus rx

As Jupiter quincunx Pluto rx this morning, we can find ourselves struggling with issues between the heart and the truth. With Jupiter’s recent shift into Gemini, honesty would be a breath of fresh air, but inner conflict rises when it comes to sacrificing our comfort zone. And to stimulate movement with change in direction, Mars will oppose rebellious Uranus retrograde tonight. This particular energy is known for bizarre and unexpected happenings that invites intrigue, while in the same breath, causes major resistance. Anything can happen under this fiery ball of energy, so it may be safe for us to expect that minds will flip flop, which can cause last minute changes. We can experience the continuance of the storm, starting with last night’s Mars/Pluto rx storm, in order to create a brilliant version of reality.

Sure, we all have our own goals, but to connect, we must ALL be willing to meet each other halfway. This is explosive energy that is in the air, which can fuel us straight ahead, at top speed. Powerful vibrations can move us beyond current obstacles, creating new positive directions. If used improperly, we can overreact from high tension, causing separations, that lead us onto our own separate paths. Emotions can feel incredibly challenged under this delicate Cancer Moon, which strengthens our passion to flow with the current, flowing further than we ever imagined. What direction are you willing to fight for today? “He who can burn with water, and wash with fire, makes a heaven out of earth and a precious earth out of heaven.”  Porta Dei Cieli. Tarot insight: You can’t control love.

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