Cosmic Dirt, July 22, 2012, I’ve Got the Power, Sun in Leo

While some may have already noticed earlier experiences this week, new doors open as Jupiter (abundance) forms a sextile with Uranus rx (inner change) right after midnight. If we’re aware, eyes, ears, AND minds wide open – we may be a witness of good fortune in the way we perceive the world around us. We’re learning something new, and it could be about our part that we play in our situations and relationships. The little light bulb turns on above our head, reflecting new insights with a new outlook on the knowledge that we have already collected. Our own truth comes forward, which changes the rules in the game. We have what we need, to see life from a new angle and to reinvent our future.

After four weeks of experiencing the softer side of ourselves, the Sun shifts again this morning, to enter magnificent Leo. Here is where are powerfully charged with a natural energy source, helping us to truly sparkle and glimmer our own shine. Fearless confidence come out of the shadows, so that we may embrace the world once again. And as our energy improves, we obviously will feel better – which makes life a much friendlier and funner place to play in. We’ll stand out more with the Leo Sun, because as we yearn for the attention, we attract it. Like attracts like. Knowing this, be sure to spruce up on your image and fashion, as good news will find us in the next four weeks in either our work situation, our relationships and romantic affairs, or maybe all the above. The Leo Sun also reflects light upon our shadows and secrets, so either we need to be thankful to finally face our fears and fix them – or we can shy away and behave cowardly, which will limit potential. Let your hair loose, stand out in the crowd, and embrace your own beautiful self.

We’ll be mentally charged as Mercury rx sextiles Mars (energy) this morning as well. We may have a hard time sleeping, or we could be up much earlier than we planned. Have a plan of action that utilizes the generous energy. And while there is plenty of excitement in the air, today’s Virgo Moon should keep us emotionally calm, so that can figure out which course will enhance our day, as well as our tomorrow. Make today happen. “He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. Tarot insight: Ace of Wands/Queen of Pentacles: Create your wealth.

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