Cosmic Dirt Monday April 22

2014 Starcana Cosmic Dirt AstrologyIn addition to Sunday’s Jupiter/Pluto opposition and yesterday’s Uranus/Pluto square, the strained energy of the cardinal grand cross continues as Mars squares Jupiter today. Many of us may feel the challenge as strong vibrations work their way toward us – but in Mars retrograde – our passion and energy is lowered. We may find ourselves ‘staying put’ (like a spectator along for the ride).. just to see what happens.

We can be a little more cautious as to where we’re stepping with Mars retrograde. We’re recreating something on a deeper level, so we’ll be protective of ourselves and our actions at this time. And even though our defenses up, we can still run into unpleasantries in the the jungle of life. But without much reaction or participation to the outside (whether surrounding us or in the cosmic forces), we have a great opportunity to learn much about ourselves and our instinctive response – which heavily influences our outcome and direction. We can learn how to pick and choose our battles, as well as decide where our energy is most useful and beneficial.

While this aspect has its own positive attributes, it also has a dark shadow side… and those who are consumed with their own fire and ego may require high drama to be understood. A good reminder to stay on course, would be to know that we can not control others – so it is in our best interest to stay in control of ourselves… and our reactions. Ponder the intention, the goal and the result – as the guide. Be still, and stay grounded. Happy Earth day.

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