Step Up Backwards. Mercury Stations Retrograde, November 6, 2012

Communications become less stable as Mercury stations retrograde today. As this speedy planet ‘appears’ to pause and move in reverse… what we try to transmit to one another also moves in reverse. As above, So below. During this cosmic cycle, we may see communication issues and breakdowns through the use of phones, faxes, letters, voicemails, texts, computers, vehicles, mechanical machinery, appliances, as well as in travel. A problem that ‘reaches out to call our attention’… usually materializes during the retrograde of Mercury. Perhaps in the last few weeks, you may have hoped to ignore: the squeak in the vehicle, the spontaneous computer glitch, the blowdryer on it last leg, or complaints at home or the office. For the next three weeks, we are encouraged to re-think, re-learn, re-communicate, and repair, to correct and create solutions.

The interesting thing to find during this astrological cycle, is that we can literally move backwards. In doing so, we begin to go back into our thoughts, remembering and/or bumping into those we lost touch with, while unresolved issues and mistakes from our past, reappear. We step back into memories, or back where the problem first developed, as it grabs our attention with a need to figured out. Mercury retrograde is ‘the trickster’, and in the weeks ahead, our thoughts and words will sway into ‘backward’ motion. We may be interpreted as ‘backwards’, and not making sense. In addition, we can form glitches that already exist in our exchange of communications. The trickster sways information, which formulates confusion, worry, anxiety, and insomnia when we are unclear with the data to be transmitted and/or received. In result, miscommunications multiply into misinterpretations, which lead to misunderstandings.

As Mercury retrogrades, we should ‘return home’ by ‘coming into ourselves’, to see how we have enabled the confusion that exist. Mercury is ‘the communication expert’ and what we failed to grasp the last time around, will be sure to ‘pop up’ again, so that we can learn and move on. Learn how to talk, by re-thinking what you needed to share, and say what you mean. This is the ideal time to ‘step back’, to retrace our steps (AND our words), so that we can correct the mistake. What had been ‘botched’ or just ‘badly mismanaged’ usually alerts us loud and clear (directly or indirectly) under this cosmic weather. More often than not, words will get in the way. If we can allow ourselves to become a little broken and discombobulated, we can actually re-wire what became criss-crossed, and heal what had been lost in translation.

With Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, we may need to learn that life really is an adventure, and we shouldn’t brood on problems for too long. Our thoughts and words may also be running a mile a minute, so before we speak, we should examine the real purpose for our words. We may even assume that we can run away from problems, or talk ourselves out from being accountable – but this will either create a heated fiery debate, or eventually catch up with us in other ways. Utilize this energy to stop and listen to what others say, and listen to what you say. Listening is as equally important as talking. Assumptions will only feed the trickster, so be encouraged to pay attention, to listen, and to ask questions if you do not fully understand.

‘By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth’. George Carlin.

As Mercury and Uranus both retrograde, there is a chance of votes being miscounted, or technical issues with the voting machines. Read and understand the instructions as you vote under these tricky skies. Use your voice and vote on this Election Day, so that we may resolve and heal the issues in our country.

And last under this Mercury retrograde for website news, I am shifting the content in my Cosmic Dirt. I will now be writing occasional posts that contain more interesting events like today, rather than write every day for common daily shifts. This will save you time from reading my numerous posts, while offering me more time for creativity. And as always, I thank you for your friendship on this journey.

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  1. Lindsay says

    You have a beautiful way of communicating, Thank you for your daily insight.

  2. ~Namaste~
    Here’s wishing Happy Trails to you, until we meet again…
    with a heap of brightly colored M & M’s on the side. 🙂
    Be Well (and, that’s an Order!)

  3. Carole says

    I am soooo missing your daily cosmic dirt in my e-mail box. Hope all is well for you.

  4. elizabethe says

    Okay,good. I was worried about you Suzi. I didn’t see that you posted that you were taking a break and I thought maybe you had trouble in the storm. (don’t know where you live) Well, hope you are enjoying your break. See you soon. ~E

  5. elizabethe says

    That is EXACTLY what happened. Haha.