Cosmic Dirt, October 1 2012, Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes

Aries Full Moon, Pluto Uranus square

Later today, the Moon will shift from reactive Aries, to determined Taurus. Sensitivities stabilize, putting us into a more relaxed mood. As Luna creates a friendly sextile to Neptune, we reach a quieter calm which improves our mediative goals, creative works, and ability to reach a good night sleep. ‘The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are’. J. P. Morgan. Tarot insight: [SevenSwordsrx/Magicianrx] Don’t become unapproachable because of doubts.

The cosmic activity increased over the weekend as the heavens rocked us with an Aries Full Moon & second cycle of the Uranus/Pluto square. Does that mean we are out of the clear? No, not necessarily, because we are in a universal cycle that consists of extreme highs and lows. This flow is supposed to shake.. rumble… and crumble, to sprout new growth. The evolution of life. And as a popular artist once said, ‘In order to create, we must first destroy’. As the universe spews to create, so does the earth. Man spews sperm, woman spew children. (Okay, hush. My terminology isn’t appropriate, but I’m trying to create a visual.) Our outer world is affected, which ignites our inner world. As the world changes, people change. And as people change, the world changes. There’s that constant flow again. Our very existence is energetic and vibrational. The law of attraction. Cause and effect. It takes just one person, to start this chain reaction in the mysterious web of life.

(This photo is of me and my son taking a walk in the chilly mist under the HUGE Moon (although it looks awfully tiny on my cell!)

So reminding you of all (as well as myself), that we need to remember that we are in this ‘halfway’ mark of the Equinox, and the Libran energy that represents the scales of balanced. Truth. Honor. Justice. Fairness. Equality. An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth. Good and bad. Right and Wrong. Light and dark. Logic and Creativity. Karma. Consequence. Whatever you want to call it. Nothing more, Nothing Less. Just balance. Like a musical string, we send out a vibration, and when it is ready, it returns. Movement is always happening, especially when we aren’t aware of it. When it affects us, we are alarmed, jolted, and awakened – to our consequence – of the original vibe. Asking if we are out of the clear, remind’s me of the term, ‘it ain’t over until the fat lady sings’. Nothing lasts forever. If things aren’t going so well now, things will change. If things are going fine now, that will change too. What I want to share from this thought, is to ‘expect everything, and expect nothing’. Because in the long run, whether it happened yesterday, today, or tomorrow… life will go on.

I have all this energy tonight, and so much is flowing through me tonight. Like a feather in the wind, I then fall into a creek but continue my journey through the flow of the crystal clear water. The Moon is absolutely gorgeous tonight, with a heavy thick mist. Me and my son decided to take a walk through it tonight, which felt absolutely magical. I’m personally happy and at such a super great place in life. I’m not too sure why or what I’m suppose to do with all this energy or thoughts in my head – so I share it. (How lucky for you, right? LOL). Maybe later I’ll have to look into my chart later, but I already know what’s happening. But perhaps someone needs to hear this information. While it seems quite basic to me, it may not be so, for someone who is currently walking a dark path. Like tonight, as we took a walk in the dark, the Full Moon lit our way as we soaked up her generous light. And for that, I am thankful. Hell, maybe I will need to hear my own message tomorrow LOL.

But we have a lot of planetary movement this month, which helps to balance the scales and make things right. We have the option to create our own karmic force – being careful to not to stir up too much – since we know it will be vibrating something back at us. Do you understand? Lady Venus will be shifting into prudish Virgo, then later into Libra the tease. Mercury will communicate to us through sexy Scorpio, then playful Sagittarius. The Sun will enter the seductive seas of Scorpio, while Mars generates honest actions in Sagittarius. Jupiter will retrograde in Gemini, while Saturn enters intense Scorpio. So yeah, there’s a lot of movement happening, and what does it actually mean for you? Be flexible, Flow. Grow. Evolve.

Enjoy this month’s October 2012 Tarotscope. 

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  1. OMG ~ your offspring is a handsome fellow, though I am not surprised in the least. A Leo, right? ~ Ah, parenthood. It would be fine if you were to say, “Non-ya,” but curiosity drives me to ask. From what I’m lead to believe, our children “fit” into our natal charts & vice versa ~ suppose to enable us to relate to each other. Do you find any truth to this theory?

    Blessings to you & yours… with all this Libra energy… hell yeah! 🙂

  2. oh… um…
    maybe should clarify ~ non-ya, meaning none of your business.

  3. Thank you for the visit and for the HELL yea Annie. Yep, the little guy is a Leo. And I totally believe in the parent/child natal theory.. but for what it’s worth, I also believe in the paranormal, much of the unseen, and the cookie monster LOL. Happy Autumn my friend, Namaste. xx