Cosmic Dirt, October 10 2012, The Growth of the Soul, Saturn trine Neptune

Finessing our communication skills can prove to be quite empowering as Mercury forms a friendly sextile with healing Pluto. To get the most from this transit, pay attention so that your listening skills are enhanced, while relaying your intentions clearly. Cut through the bullshite, and state your business. The facts and what you seek are available. Read between the lines if needed, but verify. Be factual, take nothing personally, and be prepared to flow and meet halfway. This energy is favorable for meetings, speeches, business and family, friend and relationships, small trips, phone calls, letter writing, dealings with finances, and ‘getting down to business’. Confidence beams with the Leo Moon, giving us the courage to act and take back control of our life. Luna will harmonizes nicely to yesterday’s Jupiter and Sun, bringing opportunities and balance into our connections.

“As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world”  Buddha

A force ‘behind the scenes’ comes to our rescue as Saturn trines Neptune. What we’ve been busy building, slowly begins to take shape and mold, if we can just surrender to it. Over the weeks ahead, intuition speaks, confirming that something ‘feels’ right in where we are headed. Inner peace manifests as we relax with who we are, and accept decisions that have been made to get to this particular place in our life. Find compassion to quietly forgive others, once and for all. Embrace the mistakes that we have ALL made, so that we may forgive ourselves as well. Give yourself, and everyone else a break. Allow the soul to breathe from pain and hardships, by welcoming who we are and how we have risen, so that our true inner beauty may finally bloom.

Under this Saturn/Neptune trine, we can begin to see some larger foundations (businesses, organizations, families, high statuses) begin to soften and help those less fortunate. Walls that have been built, from buildings, fences, and tough skin.. slowly disintegrate and open to a new flow. Love finds a way, as it seeps into unseen cracks of the broken. Tears influence what we have refused/failed to acknowledge, or where we became too stubborn and old to break what had become routine. As we submit, we become more receptive, and reveal our lack of defense. Where we have placed trust or believed in the hype, fades as Jupiter retrograde, inspires new understandings and truth. Confessions and guilt are revealed under pressure, especially during the next two and half years as Saturn transits Scorpio, teaching us how to embrace our darkness. Rather than blame, we must admit responsibility for the losses we have gained. Mars in Sagittarius, we are forced to take risks into new directions. With Uranus retrograde and Pluto direct, we continue to dig deep to reveal the truth; OUR truth. As we continue our search inside, we feel more connected with ourselves and our own healings as Neptune retrogrades. Some of us may have already started to face our individual ‘unpleasantries’ that spell addiction, illness, judgment, ignorance, etc. Have you already begun to feel or witness his?? Please feel free to share your own feedback in the ‘comments’ section of this post, so that other readers who are lost may seek light and find hope. But know that there is magic in the air, and that miracles CAN happen. Move past the fear and heal thyself, because you are a symbol of great love, and you matter. “If the teacher be corrupt, the world will be corrupt.” Persian Proverb. Daily Tarot [SevenSwordsrx/KMagician] Do it anyway.

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  1. elizabethe says

    Well, I am actually at the point that I believe Scorpio is going to help me cement the deep changes I have made. I have had a torturous last few years and finally stopped drinking alcohol and have cleaned up my diet. These things are a result of all the deep, dark traveling I did through my garbage. It was truly a very difficult journey but one that I feel was really unavoidable. It’s as if the Universe just kept pushing me to go deep, I had no choice in the matter, I couldn’t hide from the ick any longer. So here I am at the beginning of this Scorpio season and I feel relieved that I did all of the real gut-wrenching work and now I feel that I’m just going to fine-tune, become more accustomed to the new way of being me. I’m actually really excited, I can feel a weight has lifted. There was such a long period of time, 6 years now, that I have been writhing in pain and thinking I was just plain crazy for all the realizations that were bubbling to the surface but now I feel I am on the other side, finally!! It was such a long time to feel lost and not see a light at the end of the tunnel, but it has come. You are right Suzi, miracles CAN happen and let me tell you, at times I feel my making through that period IS a miracle. Thanks for the beautiful post.

  2. Thank you to those who replied privately, but a special thanks to you elizabethe for sharing your experience publicly. Your story is raw, beautiful, and so true. . ::BIG hugs::

  3. I am a libran born 4/10/1966 at 3.01 am . I was told as well as having saturn in my sign i also have pluto opposing my sun. I feel the devastation which has occured since saturn moved into my sigh means i have to completely rebuild my self esteem and confidence from being left as an empty shell. I have been in an excruciating situation finding i had been with a narcassist boyfriend for 12 years (who had also been dating a narcassist girlfriend for all that time behind my back – u get the picture!) and also having to care for a son 24yrs old with aspergers in which i have found myself having to be a full time solicitor and social worker since he was 8. I have ended up resorting to drinking too much to manage unacceptable circumstances. I still havent stopped this but want to as it is making me so ill. The problem is saturn has taken its toll and life still evolves as a full time job around the constant difficulties my son gets into (he also has twin boys and an expartner i try to support) I used to be fit and very slim a year and half ago and now i am 2.5 stone overweight and wont go out the house because everyone makes comments at how fat and old i have got since they last saw me. I think i have a very long way to go , such a long way i give up trying to correct my circumstances every time my son knocks on my door due to another problem. (constant) I am also in financial difficutlies as all my benefits have constantly been used to help my son (he is too disabled to manage finances) and buying food to help support his expartner and twins.

    i dont think i can take anymore and some of the negative things which others have said will occur when saturn moves into scorpio.

  4. just one more thing, you are an excellent astrologer and i always read your site, thank you for your website as it is the one thing which does help me get through the dark days and gives me inspiration kindest regards julie

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by Julie, I’m sorry to hear of your experiences. First thing that I might share is that Saturn isn’t negative, he’s tough love. He gives us a good hard look at what we’ve been building in our life over the course of years. While we may not be happy about the direction ‘our choices’ took us in… in reality, it is what it is. This would be your time to do the necessary hard work, so that you can build the life that you want. If you are serious about your goals, even with something as simple as getting back into shape, real sacrifice is a requirement. It’s ‘no excuses’ time. Make your motto ‘No pain, no gain’. Wishing you much luck with your journey. <3

  6. thank you so much julie, i am glad that my writings are of help. stay tough. :o)

  7. I just checked back on what was happening this day, looking for influences as I started a healing program. This saturn/neptune is working. Its subtle but after the last 2.5yrs I’m mighty grateful. Thanks Suzi

  8. You’re very welcome J, I’m so happy for you. Congratulations with many blessings on your new journey!


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