Cosmic Dirt, October 3 2012, Communicating Hearts, Venus enters Virgo

In the wee hours, Venus makes an exit from Leo and the need for upscale drama. For the next six weeks, Venus (values, love, money) will transit through Virgo, where we will filter, sanitize, and polish what is most closest to our heart. Venus in Virgo helps us to recognize what we already have in our lives, so that we may continue to work with our little garden of homegrown pleasures. To beautify our little nest, will will weed and clean up our world, as we seek quality, so standards with expectations will rise higher up on the scale. The shadow side of Venus in Virgo will have us being so busy ‘perfecting’, that we lose sight of what really matters. The need for flawlessness is communicated through negative complaints, nitpicking, and criticism – in order to improve. If what you’ve been growing has become blemished or defected, be gentle with your approach to weed – or you could clip off more than you bargained for in the weeks ahead. Later this evening, we’d like to enjoy the fruits of our work, and we may do what is necessary to achieve this as Venus opposes deceptive Neptune. ‘Life is too precious to spend it being annoyed’. Ralph Marston. Tarot insight: [NineCupsrx/ThreeWandsrx] Create from the imperfections.

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