Cosmic Dirt, October 4 2012, Dancing with Myself, Jupiter Retrograde

The morning skies challenges us slightly as Luna opposes reactive Mars, square gullible Neptune and unsupportive Venus. With Moon shifting into Gemini, moods will begin to lighten and we’ll go about our merrily way. The Gemini Moon is favorable for short trips and errands, socializing, communications, letter writing, collecting fresh information, and hanging with friends.

Today Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, will station retrograde. For the next four months, this transit will put a hold on opportunities from our outer world – so that we may create our own luck. We turn inward now, to experience our own gifted fortune of personal goodness and inner sunshine, and to expand our awareness and special knowledge. This transit shares it’s own style of healing in the months ahead, as it encourages us to reconnect with our higher selves to seek for gratitude and deeper understandings. As we become more familiar with our own inner joy, the more we can voluntarily share from the bottom of the heart. ‘Peace on the outside comes from knowing GOD on the inside’. Author Unknown. Tarot insight: [PagePentaclesrx/SevenSwordsrx] Sloppy information always spills freely.

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Wandering the road less traveled has graced me with cosmic dirt and stardust; which helps me, to help others. As an Intuitive Life Consultant, I work with intuitive psychic senses, tarot, astrology, spirituality, energy sensitivity & other divine tools for readings, advice & guidance.


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