Cosmic Dirt, October 5 2012, Learning To Embrace Our Darkness, Lessons from the Soul, Saturn enters Scorpio

The first cosmic event today is Mercury leaving courteous Libra, and entering Scorpio for the next three weeks. Mercury rules over our thoughts and communications, and in the deep waters of Scorpio, our mind and words enter dark places. Mentally, we can become much more cautious and suspicious of others, which encourages our ‘need to know’ obsessions, as well as an investigative eye. Without self-control, the tongue under this transit can become wicked and deadly. ::ouch:: At best, we are most influenced from a positive level by utilizing our keen sense of perception, good use of silence, and enhanced listening skills.

It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes. Sally Field.

This reminds me of watching the debates last night, and while I don’t care to get into political discussion, I do pay attention to other factors. Although he didn’t have much to say last night, Mitt Romney (Pisces, Illusions) ‘seemed’ to have a lot more to share last night, although the fact still remains as to what did he mention that was new, explained and factual? Some said that Barack Obama (Leo, Self-Control), had an ‘off-night’. But what I happened to notice was that rather than Obama say too much, repeat himself, or defend the progress of his work, he instead caught himself and began to use his good communication skills. He kept eye contact with Romney, nodding his head, leaving Romney to ‘feel’ heard, continuing his words. Obama used his listening ears, continuously taking notes. I never caught Romney doing this, unless the camera didn’t pick up on it. But similar to Mercury in Scorpio now, rather than say things that can be (or appear to be) in an ‘attacking/defense’ mode, we can simply sit in silence, while someone continues to talk and talk, and ‘dig their own grave’. I brought up this point, so that you may see the benefits to stillness, versus sharp barbs that just mimic an episode of ‘Cops’. Too, with Jupiter (abundance) retrograde in Gemini (communications) yesterday, we benefit  for the next four months from turning inward, listening, and most importantly, learning.


Saturn enters Scorpio

The second cosmic event comes after two years, as Saturn (Taskmaster) finally leaves Libra (professional, personal, romantic relationships) and enters Scorpio. Perhaps to explain this better I might first ask what you have learned in the last two years through your relationships, and even more importantly, about you. Mostly because we’ve reached this so-called ‘balance’ and/or ‘integrity of our truth’. We’ve been so desperate to find this, and now that we have, we will be tested on a much deeper and intense level, to figure out if it is enough. What you need? What do you want? Justice? Truth? Love? The one thing that some of us need to remember, is that Scorpio gets a bad rap. Despite their rough and tough exterior, they are extremely sensitive and private beings. They are simply ‘being themselves’ to protect what is most valued, which is loyalty and love. To enjoy these beautiful beings and appreciate their gentleness, approach them gently. Or yes, suffer the consequences of their deadly sting. It’s karma babe. ‘Don’t tread on mine, and I won’t tread on yours – then nobody gets hurt’. All in all, it boils down to a matter of respect, which is Saturn’s department.

True forgiveness is when you can say, ‘Thank you for that experience’. Oprah Winfrey

This is a cycle that is very powerful and moving, because it is about forming the end of an intense chapter, through extreme trials, to experience a new chapter in life. Where blocks have been created: mentally, emotionally, physically, and maybe even spiritually; will eventually come down. It breaks down weaknesses, to break us, and bring us back to a deeper love. During this transit, we could see more pressure being placed on the bladder, urinary tract, prostate gland, genitals, and reproductive organs. It’s important to take extra special care of these body parts, so that they are performing fluently well. This can be quite dark and stormy cycle for businesses and relationships that struggle through areas of power and unstable foundations. Bullying may rise, so that it can fall. Buildings, weak structures, and property fall. Only through the experience of a storm, can we all learn about true surrender, new trust, and what matters most.

“Given that I did not play my part in harmony with others, how could I expect to change people?” ~Chuang Tzu

So now that we’ve reached this particular balance in our life, and not just any balance, as it’s OUR balance… we must go deeper, into the very depths of our soul. Here is where we can learn how to reconnect and form a bridge between light and darkness, in order to heal and embrace ourselves as a whole. This folks, is where we get to trade in our caterpillar costume, for those amazing butterfly wings. But to get to that place, we must get an approval slip from Saturn, who just happens to be the gatekeeper. Under his rigid score card, we must prove through hard work and time limitations that we are willing to do what is necessary to achieve transformation for new life. We can experience many mysterious emotions as we come face to face with our fears, from suspicions, jealousy, obsessions, resistance, control, and power. We find strength to detach from toxic emotions, so that we may love ourselves fully. While there are many struggles contained in Saturn in Scorpio, there are also many rewards. It’s an obstacle race, the faster and better that we do the work, well, you know how that goes. There will be very tough lessons, that will require very real effort. To grow, we must be willing to release and let go. Making the ultimate sacrifice, will set us free of suffering and our own judgements, and through Saturn, we can learn how to respect, stabilize, and protect this freedom. Tarot insight: [SevenWandsrx/KnightPentaclesrx] All revved up with no place to go.

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