Cosmic Dirt, October 6 2012, Creating Unlimited Potential, Mars enters Sagittarius

There’s been much cosmic hype to motivate our choices for October, and today Mars, the planet of energy also gets into the action as he enters the wild spirit of Sagittarius. For the next six weeks, we’re encouraged with very active and changeable energy. This fiery source of heat is pretty much a guarantee that we’ll be experiencing some movement and seeing modifications taking place. In Sagittarius, we could see energy shifting in the areas of sports, laws, walking, travel, publications, optimism, religion, new opportunities, morals, laughter, work, increased sex drive, as well as in our hips and legs. The shadow side of this transit in the weeks ahead, could result in frustrations, mistakes, arguments, angry walk-outs, aggressive behavior, as well as bullying, if the natural flow of the current is blocked. During this time, we could see more fires, explosions, speeding, highway and stairway accidents, as well as an increase in violence. Motion is required, and motion is what will happen with Mars in Sagittarius – with or without your approval. Make life happen. ‘Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they’ve started.’ David Allen. Tarot insight: [HighPriestess/Justicerx] You’ve only cheated yourself.

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