Cosmic Dirt, September 29 2012, Embrace the Light in the Storm, Aries Full Moon w/ Uranus Pluto Square

We comfortably seat ourselves back into in the captain’s chair, ready to take charge of our direction as Moon enters pioneer Aries. We feel more excited about life, as we’re energized to bravely chase possibilities that exist on the horizon. And as life promises, change is just ahead. Since we never know when bumps may appear, and what direction they will throw us into – it would be a good idea to slip on the seat belt, just in case.

Behind the scenes, the uneasiness of last week’s Uranus/Pluto square continues to vibrate its intense shift. More dark clouds roll in today, which promises stormy weather as Sun opposes rebellious Uranus rx, and squares unscrupulous Pluto. Heavy tensions that have been stretched beyond the limit, is on its last string, and the breaking point has a good chance snapping today. This will cause a major shift in our direction, unless self-control is applied by placing both hands are on the steering wheel, to guide us onto calmer waters. Breakage happens when we rely on something or someone too much, and especially when foundations began to rot and decay, because it overlooked and not properly repaired. How we prepare ourselves, will determine if our outcome is a break-up, a breakdown, or a breakthrough. But know that destruction with self-sacrifice is necessary, in order to renew. No more with Mister Nice Guy, as Pluto in Capricorn begins to transform now, ridding what we though was secure and stable, to generate new life. As we empower life, we allow ourselves to evolve. Letting go of what we’ve comfortably attached ourselves to, is healing, as this allows us to rely upon ourselves and our own resources again – which gives us back our control.

As we empower life, we allow ourselves to evolve.

As Moon (emotions) conjunct Uranus (change), square Pluto (transformation), then oppose Sun (identity), we are reminded to feel and face the truth. The light of our intention and action peaks in tonight’s Full Moon, which exposes raw emotions from the heart. Nothing can be hidden now, and all comes full circle with our Virgo New Moon intentions to honor our sacred temple. This day is filled with extremely powerful energy, and the cosmic weather will speak loudly. Inner AND outer balance will be required, as we reveal an urge toward deep intense changes. The stormy vibrations that confront us are made up of cardinal energy, including today’s Full Moon in Aries. Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancers, Libra, and Capricorns (and the houses they rule in your astrological chart) are heavily influenced by these unstable currents. The ruler of Aries is fiery Mars, also known as God of War. Pushing through the darkness, we quietly finesse our ways with Mars in Scorpio, as this is a sexy combination of water and fire, that produces something steamy. When obsessive and feeling out of control when the mist gets in our eyes, we can expect something (or someone) to eventually boil. or burst into flames. This is a burning love, which produces pain and scars where we are most sensitive. It demonstrates a selfish interpretation of the ego, witt misunderstandings and heated disagreements. As life throws us a punch, we’re punching back. So while the drive is to manipulate as Mars transits Scorpio, as we try to get away with something more secretively… it could backfire when the Full Moon calls you on it.

Embrace the light that comes with the storm, and become a lighthouse for those in darkness.

Under the present planetary vibes, and for the rest of this year, this calling that is within, will continue to reach outside of ourselves.. basically because where we stand, isn’t safe anymore. As we acknowledge this, and accept our wings, we will no longer need to hold onto the safety of our old, tattered cocoon. Also under this influence, we can continue to experience more storms in our personal life, but also in the world with cosmic storms creating more intense earth storms that force some sort of a death, whether on physical lives, people, leadership power, individual attitudes, etc. Weak foundations are forced to crumble, so that we are aware what needs to be repaired and built (Saturn) under Pluto in Capricorn, which rules: big businesses, social power, agriculture, success, manufacturing, tradition, hard work, education, realty, property, home,  parents, farming, government, leadership, power, family, corporations, savings, money, career, materialism, reputation, image, public status, integrity, and respect. Pluto investigates and digs up what is rotten, corrupt, and toxic… to renew life.

When life throws a punch, we’ll most likely be punching back.

Foundations of all sorts should be looked into, just as a precaution. Safety first, right? Roads and bridges are in the right direction as they are being inspected, torn down, and rebuilt. The ground opening to swallow vehicles isn’t positive news. Underground water and gas pipes bursting, isn’t safe. Drilling the earth makes me personally nervous, especially with the ground so dry and brittle in heated area, while other areas are soft in flooded places. A few years back, I had blogged that those who lived near water should invest into flood/mining insurance, as water was going to continue to come in. Of course I made sure to mention this to my husband, and that we needed to start checking into our home foundation, and do an investigation into the ‘unseen’, to look for any issues regarding water pipes, wall foundations, well water, rodents, termites, electrical wiring, etc. Just in case. With Capricorn, its all about investing into what is important, but also protecting it. This also includes the foundations of our physical bodie, as Capricorn rules our bones, skeletal system, knees, teeth, and skin. Consult your personal physician if you are experiencing topical issues, as you may need to go deeper to find the real problem.

This also remind me of a a few years back, when I blogged about a vision that came to me, it was a large piece of land that broke away, and just dropped into the large water. It ‘felt’ like a big chunk of a water-side country that had fallen into the ocean, because I could see that part that still remained, which looked like the side of a cliff. At the time, I thought it might have been the earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan, but it couldn’t have been, because the land still exists, and is above water. I don’t know, but with all the claims of future earthquakes, storms, and my own intuitive earth tremors, I just personally think that investigating possible problem areas is not only smart, but necessary.

As we acknowledge this, and accept our wings, we will no longer need to hold onto the safety of our old, tattered cocoon.

Back on topic, movement is prominent, and change is uncontrollable. Perhaps you’ve already felt this uneasiness in your own personal/spiritual development, maybe with work or career issues, or in various relationships. If you’ve already made hard decisions AND did what you needed to do to avoid this particular place in your life, you will less affected. I know I have made some real hard choices, so now I can turn this fiery energy into rocket fuel as a ride into positive places. Those who have chosen to ignore problem areas will feel the brunt of this particular energy. Just know that the fire in our heart is crying for better changes during this Aries Full Moon, and our brave spirit will come to save us. The timing is emotionally charged with great force, creativity and flammable productivity. If you feel a need to burn some sort of bridge right now, be wise about what you are doing, and know that it will most likely be permanent under this cycle. On the other hand, we can leave the bridge where it is, and feed our fiery passion by igniting our potential for happiness and shine. As we reinvent ourselves with Uranus in Aries, we are discovering our own truth and individuality. At the same time, we should seek balance as the Libra Sun shows us how we have influenced this place in our life, but also how we shine in relationships, and what we reflect. Embrace the light that comes with the storm, and become a lighthouse for those in darkness. Shine on. ‘Very little grows on jagged rock. Be ground. Be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up where u are. Try something different. Rumi’. Tarot insight: [Moon/SevenCupsrx] Understand the power in darkness.

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  1. Elouise says

    MEGA, Suzi! I’ve read lots about this Full Moon and no one has been as succinct nor self-empowering! Thanks again.

  2. Awesome and uplifting summing up of a complex and difficult planetary configuration. Thumbs up!

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words Eloiuse. I’m all about empowering, so it’s nice to know that someone gets that from my words. Enjoy her light tonight!

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by Ellen, and for your generous words. I am truly humbled.


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