Create by Connecting | Mars enters Libra, Libra New Moon

Create by Connecting | Mars enters Libra, Libra New Moon | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology Tarot

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With all the continued crisis, hardships and tragedies happening around the world, I do hope that you and your loved ones are doing okay – as I send out positive thoughts with healing prayers for peace on earth. ❤️

And life is already changing again this week; can you feel it? Pay attention to the stray particles of information that will be in the air. We can either let all this valuable information get lost in the wind, or we can reach out and grasp onto what can teach or inspire our curiosity in the coming days.

If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favorable to him. Seneca

Mercury enters Scorpio. A good dose of our reality and resistance will also be in the debris this week with the Sun/Saturn sextile on Monday October 16, and a Sun/UranusRx opposition on Thursday October 19. Whether the shift is considered a good one, or not – is going to depend on the level of awareness and understanding that we are willing to invest into it. Then as Mercury transits from considerate Libra, into probing Scorpio on Tuesday October 17 – our thoughts and communications will reach into a new depth of intrigue and intensity. Be aware as to where personal interests will be guided under the next three weeks, and follow the cord that is also attached – which stems down to the heart. Something there is painfully hungry.

The heart has reasons that reason does not understand. Jacques Benigne Bossuel

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Libra New Moon. With what is being tossed and scattered onto our path; generating some fresh air is going to be a necessity – and so the Libra New Moon on Thursday October 19 can help us to create some order. What has remained  stale, self-absorbed and unattractive, will be of no use – unless both parties are in agreement. Yet, we can notice it, to learn from it. We can then form intelligent communications, to gain something more honest, true, proper and fair to our needs.

Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings, start-up projects and a fresh approach to old issues. To attract more kindness, truth and justice into romantic affairs, general relationships. friendships, family connections and business partnerships – imagine what you hope for, in detail. Make a wish; sending out your dreams and fantasies – sowing your New Moon seeds with intention. It’s a good time then, to participate with the work  of  the request – doing your part, to create it.

Mars enters Libra. Moving forward could be a bit awkward over the next six weeks as Mars exits from orderly Virgo and into peacemaking Libra on Sunday October 22. I mention ‘awkward’ for some folks, because this cosmic energy isn’t all about ‘me’ and ’I’ (Mars)… but instead about ‘we’’ and ‘us’ (Venus). This isn’t about what’s good for ‘me and my needs’… it’s about what’s best for ‘us’ and ‘you and I’. Call it relating, togetherness, partnership or teamwork – then lead with what is good and fair for each individual – to move forward.

Movement could pause and/or sway, taking its good ole time – because of the indecision, while weighing the options (Libra). Yet as Mars (energy) transits Libra (cardinal), we’ll eventually choose ‘me’ or ‘we’ – through our actions. So go ahead and conquer what you will – just be sure to do it with a little grace. And if moving toward togetherness; it would be wise to polish up on some social skills and best behavior.

Change before you have to. Jack Welch

While I adore my mystical work, I’m still quite practical too. Sharing and giving can be easy for some, but there’s still a huge chunk of those who aren’t genuinely ready (or have the ‘know how’) to give up their seat, for another. This is where the frustration can begin. Then if too much time is taken to properly act on what was promised, right or fair – then there’s a pretty good chance that there will be consequences (Saturn). The considerate way to handle this flip-flopping, indecisive energy is to be crystal clear with intentions and needs, while not inconveniencing another. Kindness matters. Starcana weekly tarot: What mess? [TwoPentsRx/NineCups]

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