Creating Balance | Astrology Horoscope

Creating Balance | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology Horoscope

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There’s an intense need for balance this week, under the karmic Libra New Moon on Monday October 8. With a craving for fairness and making things right, we’ll feel encouraged to start a new beginning, a start-up project or perhaps create a fresh approach to an unresolved situation.

As an inner restlessness occurs, imagination will be stirred, causing us to feel much more – while allowing for deep desires, wandering fantasies and personal wishes to come alive – activating a new creation for what we’re most hungry for.

Harmony and creating something right is being called for in areas of our general relationships, love affairs, professional partnerships, estranged situations and in matters of the heart. What do you feel, and what are you willing to hope and share  – in order to receive love and improved value?

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see Life with a clearer view again. Alex Tan

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In recreating a better direction that satisfies the soul under this peace-seeking New Moon; communicative Mercury will enter insightful Scorpio Tuesday October 9. As we investigate more deeply into our aspirations and most hidden yearnings during the next three weeks – perception can become muddled between the ability to empathize, or to probe deeper into suspicion. We’re looking for ‘all or nothing’, and this stormy energy intensifies under the tumultuous Scorpio Moon on Wednesday October 10, with an irritated Mercury/Uranus opposition and a challenging Venus/Mars square. More insight available in Starcana’s October TarotscopeStarcana Weekly Tarot: Something is lost in the process. [SixWands/FivePentacles]. As in my most awesome fortune cookie message EVER from last night’s dinner – wishing you much love, peace and New Moon blessings, Suzi. ❤️

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