Creating Comfort, Beauty and Magick | Pisces Full Moon

Creating Comfort, Beauty and Magick | Pisces Full Moon, Starcana Cosmic Dirt, Tarot Astrology & Spirituality

Hello friends, Can you believe that we’re already into September already? And New Moon intentions are going to peak, as a new truth is illuminated under the dreamy Pisces Full Moon on Wednesday September 2. An old cycle is ending, where we can experience letting go, a release, death and closure. As we loosen our grip, we’ll flow once again; being swept away by our own imagination, fantasies, hopeful romances, self-deceptions, mystical experiences and inner healings.

With a restless Moon/Uranus sextile and excitable Sun/Uranus trine, we’re likely to dive into some unique problem-solving… possibly discovering a whole new journey to get involved in. Be aware of distractions that unexpectedly spark light and inspiration!

Truth exists, only falsehood has to be invented. Georges Braque

Communications could be quite serious and intense with an investigative Mercury/Pluto trine on Tuesday September 1 and the cautious Mercury/Saturn trine on Thursday September 3. We’ll be thinking of putting our money where our mouth is – where deep transformation can happen.

Our self-worth and what we deserve can feel challenged though, especially under the heavy Venus/Saturn opposition on Wednesday September 2 and a hungry Venus/Mars square on Friday September 4. Weighty attachments will be causing our suffering. Look deep into it. Dig it up. Uncover it. Then use this sympathetic and forgiving Full Moon to release this unnecessary burden – to find balance.

As we carefully structure our ideas and words, Mercury will exit critiquing Virgo and enter charming Libra on Saturday September 5. With Mercury in Libra for the the next three weeks, our thoughts, communications and short journeys will become disciplined, well-spoken and agreeable. Open-mindedness and kindness will help to encourage good support, honest contracts, fair treatment and positive negotiations.

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. English proverb.

As communications improve, Venus will exit from nurturing Cancer on Sunday September 6, and move into shining Leo. During the next four weeks with Venus  in Leo, we’ll tend to be generous, expressive and extravagant with our values, love and money. Hearts will be courageous… creating comfort, beauty and magick. Are you ready to express yourself? Starcana weekly tarot insight: Dreaming of where our efforts will take us. [QueenPentacles/NineCups]. More insight is available in the September Tarotscope. Peace, Suzi

On Vacation: I’m taking days off to recharge. Intuitive services will be unavailable this week, from Sept 7 thru Sept 11 …  and I’ll return back to normal business hours next week, on Monday Sept 14.

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