Creating Presence, Gemini New Moon, Sun enters Cancer

Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology ~ Creating Presence, Gemini New Moon, Cancer SunGemini New Moon. The shift in tomorrow’s lunar cycle on Tuesday June 16, allows us to prepare for new beginnings, through a new emotional approach. It’s a fine time to imagine what we want, and what we’d like to change. Release thoughts and worries, so that the heart can breathe and daydream comfortably – without any interference from the nonsense of judgment or unrealistic expectations. Just breathe. Then dream, make wishes and plant seeds of intentions to replenish those inner cravings that can be experienced with new moon blessings.

Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

With the New Moon in Gemini, there’s a much stronger urge to communicate, socialize, travel and to be ‘on the go’. By keeping this in mind during time spent fantasizing and meditating, better related results can be attracted. This whirlwind of energy encourages a change in direction, as well as movement in our interests. What we receive and what we share, sways to become an active force with the participation of Mars. We’ll feel encouraged to communicate and voice ourselves, sharing information and news, with thoughts and opinions. Writing, journaling, and inquisitive questions are highlighted in these vibrations, along with short journeys, consulting and advising, helping others, giving speeches, creating awareness and improving our listening skills. By wrapping our intentions around this particular energy, along with our own efforts (Saturn) and personal faith (Neptune), we can help to support our own hopes, dreams, and wishes. Plus with Mercury direct (the ruler of Gemini), we’ll be much more eager to focus on the immediate present, instead of the past – freeing us from what has become stale, useless and suffocating.

All Heaven and Earth are still, though not in sleep, But breathless, as we grow when feeling most” Lord Byron

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Sun enters Cancer. In this fresh New Moon approach, toward a better way, the Sun exits friendly Gemini, to enter nurturing Cancer on the Summer Solstice and Fathers Day, Sunday June 21. The Cancer Sun leads us outside of ourselves, through the gentle waters of kindness, compassion and protective care of others. The winds will continue to gain strength from the fiery Jupiter/Uranus trine on Monday, June 22, so it is wise to expect the unexpected, from a change in fortune, a unique perspective of the truth, a meaningful revelation, or a simple but brilliant change in luck. What we’re learning will impact where we’re going. Expansion for evolution, a gift from the gods. This gives us another option to where we could be headed, but it might make more sense as Mars prepares to move from multi-directional Gemini next week, to carefully sidestep through protective Cancer. Tarot insight: Questioning what we’ve acquired. KnightSwords/NinePents

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