Creating through Kindness | Mars enters Cancer

Creating through Kindness | Mars enters Cancer | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology & Tarot

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Mars enters Cancer. Using our energy to take action in the weeks ahead, could be like moving through a mud bath, as feisty Mars exits from persuasive Gemini, and enters into soft-hearted Cancer (the Crab) on Sunday June 4. What we do and create during the next six weeks, will be fueled with loving kindness, gooey mushiness and domestic nurturing. As we strive through a low profile and humility, there will be an opportunity for us to listen better. In listening; we can practice being considerate with the feelings and needs of others. We create acts of kindness with Mars transiting compassionate Cancer, which helps us to reflect and be careful – to not inconvenience or hurt another.

Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength. Eric Hoffer

In moving forward to reach higher, we can find ourselves surrounded by an ooze of emotional sludge during this cycle. And no matter which direction we dare to push through, we’ll be confronted with our own weaknesses, insecurities, uncomfortable sensitivities and buried feelings. Sure, we can try to step away from them, but as we back up to avoid the uncomfortable ‘crabby’ emotions (which can also stimulate a ‘not so nice’ behavior), we’ll just bump into other uncomfortable feelings. So what we do is, we embrace this ‘cha-cha’ sort of movement, which mimics a protected crab moving toward its destination. One step forward, then two steps back.. while electro-sliding from side to side. It’s a kind, noninvasive and peaceful way to get where we’re going, without bumping heads or stirring unnecessary confrontations.

When you blame others, you give up your power to change. Dr. Robert Anthony

With Mars transiting domestic Cancer… moving sideways is uncomfortable for daredevil Mars. Yet in this swaying dance, from left to right; from ego to vulnerabilities… we can allow ourselves to ride the wave; to test the water first. Swaying from public life to the internal can create the essence of security, safety and balance; ensuring that we aren’t bombarding onto someone else’s territory; or risking our own.

You’ll find your servant is your master. Sting

And while it may ‘seem’ that the current of this direction could be unstable during the next six weeks; nothing could be more untrue. We’ll just be going ‘with the flow’ as the path is paved for us – with simplicity, delicacy and couth.This mindful motion can stimulate frustration, forcing anger to leak out during this six week journey. We’re distracted from our own path, because of this craving to be considerate, caring and loyal. Without deep understanding; scalding sensitivities can spill between ourselves- and the people we’ve been mindfully nurturing. Breathe and try to stay present. Starcana tarot: Ignorance promises heartache. [FiveSwordsRx/AceCupsRx]. Get more insight with Starcana’s June Tarotscope.

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