December 20, 2010 Horoscope

Our week chills calmly with a nonchalant attitude from the Gemini Moon on Monday December 20. We’re in the mood to mingle and network with our social circle, as this energy increases our urge to be more communicative with others. It’s also favorable for contacting others by phone, letters, faxes, texts as we transmit information to and fro. Gemini’s ruler is Mercury, who happens to be retrograde until the end of this month. During the retrograde when things seems to be moving in backwards motion, what we broadcast stands a good chance of being misunderstood – if we aren’t being crystal clear with our words or intentions. While it’s been mentioned, I am aware that many will not pay much attention, so I want to remind that while Mercury REtrograde can create a lot of funkiness, he is also giving us a ‘second chance’ to REview, REthink and REnegotiate to ‘get things right’. We can clear up old misunderstanding now, and be REconnected with those that we thought we lost touch with. After dinner, Mercury (communications) square Uranus (freedom fighter) and we begin to experience some winds of change. Words can bite with brutal honesty as seek individuality and an extreme shift n our situation. Think before speaking as the day is highly charged with tomorrow morning’s Full Moon and Luna Eclipse – magnifying all that we say an do. Our thoughts are creating our tomorrow. Make it great! Starcana