December 2012 Tarotscope, Horoscope Twist of Astrology and Tarot for Zodiac Signs

Starcana Tarotscope, Tarotscopes Horoscopes, a twist of astrology and the tarot.Starcana Tarotscopes are a horoscope twist of astrology and tarot for your zodiac sign. This includes a general tarot card interpretation for the month, along with a solar horoscope. For something more personalized, consider a professional session that is customized to your specific energy and situation. You may also do some self-service using your birth chart information, with my three card spread:

  1. 1) First Card: Use your Ascendant, to explain what you already know.
  2. 2) Second Card: Use your Moon sign, to understand what is challenging you.
  3. 3) Third Card: Use your Sun sign, to know what is generally being created.

If you’d like a birth chart, I provide charts with personality and transit reports


Happy Birthday! CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Page of Pentacles: Delivery of personal news. Being careful in your direction. Opportunity to move forward. Fresh direction. Scholar. Thoughts and action become reality. Propositions come your way. A gift or message. Favorable journey. Deep concentration. You’re adapting. Education.  Becoming useful to yourself. Going back to school. Taking some refresher courses. You’re ready to start over. Being choosey. Learning something new. Extending your knowledge and abilities. Preparing to become something more that you are. Rewards.  Dedication and hard work increase progress. Making mature decisions. Practical and careful decisions. Preparing for the future. Leaving an unproductive period behind. Thrifty. Patience is on your side. It is time to go forward. Persistence is the key. Studying. Practice makes perfect.

Your strengths and weaknesses will be much more visible this month Capricorn, as Sun and Mercury both join Pluto in your solar house of Identity. Those you surround yourself with, could help you to decipher which is which. Saturn takes it upon himself to build stronger foundations in your house of Friendships, Hopes, and Wishes. Mars will enter your house of Values, where you will pave some brand new roads in the areas that you choose to improve, leaving the rest behind. You’re ready to color outside the lines again, don’t waste it. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Ten of Swords: Closure. Realization. Something new coming in. Truth sets us free. Ruin. Winded. Passing success. Mental anguish. Exhaustion. Becoming aware. Minimal improvement. Sadness. Hash words.. Pain. Almost. So close. See circumstances from a different side of the table. An ending. Disappointment. Giving up more than bargained for. Grief. Answer is not what we expected. Feeling the pain from a loss. It is over. The end. The worst is finished. Puzzled with confusion. Tears. What happens when one assumes. Mistakes from lack of research. Hard facts. Grand finale. Breaking free.

Your ruler Uranus stations direct this month Aquarius, and this particular shift will finally allow you to exhale and move forward in the way that is most important to you. Rattling your house of Communications, this will activate new ways to learn, connect, socialize, and journey. You are prepared to share what you’ve discovered in your own walk of life in the past few months. Like fireball Mars (who enters your house of Identity), your energy is ready to light up the world and make things happen. Yes, you are expanding into bigger and better places – and you fit in perfectly. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


PISCES (February 19-March 20) Queen of Pentacles: Prosperity. Blessings. Common sense. A female with a good head on her shoulders. Healthy. Trust and self-respect. Supportive and willing to bend. Well-being. Centered. In-tune with nature. Luxury. Surrounded with nice thing. Magnificence. Opportunity for growth. Holding on to what we earned. Ability to give and take. Generosity. Extreme comfort. A mountain of goodness. Loving. Security. Being at a good place. Mother nature. Possible new job, or additional money coming in. Full of wisdom. Rewarded for good decisions. Spiritual. Respect for time, money, and energy. Wealthy and richness in all areas. Noble and honorable soul. Calmness. Lessons learned from the past. You choose to do no wrong. Completely aware.

Uranus will station direct in your house of Values this month Pisces, and you may find yourself awakened to the world that you have settled into. Jupiter has been helping you to find the real meaning behind your happiness  during his retrograde through your house of Creativity. Saturn continues to transit your house of Higher Learning, to impact your direction with meaningful life lessons, from a good dose of reality. Your house of Karma is energized as Mars finds a way plow through restricted detours, that bring you back to the life that you desire. You’re designing new blueprints that allow you to swim to higher waters, and you get the recognition that you’ve been seeking. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


ARIES (March 21-April 19) Three of Pentacles: Planning. Craftsmanship. Financial opportunity. Professional growth. Making a hobby profitable. Proving intentions. Artistic ability. Success from what comes natural. Recognition due. Gifted effort. Talent. Things are starting to come together. Skills. Answering our calling. Niche. Abilities rewarded. Business opportunities. Communicating something powerful. Words make sense. Writing flows beautifully. Proof that you mean business. Achievement. Spiritual growth. Prospering from handmade items. Rank improves. Seniority. Moving up the ladder. Obsessed with detail. Holding onto ours. Power increases. Every step counts. Competent strategy. Home business. Dependent on approval. Designing the perfect setting. Material gain. Getting together with like-minded people. Grounded. Having the know-how to structure a masterpiece. Aware of time.

For the past months, you’ve been changing on the inside Aries. Now that Uranus stations direct this month, you’ll be able to change the world that you live in. As you trust what you’ve been striving for, your true inner beauty will rise and sparkle. Old patterns and mistakes are important ingredients that have created the magnificent you, but with Neptune forming a fog in your house of Karma, you may still need to fumble your way around to understand and accept this. You are learning how to relieve yourself of the pressures that you cause for yourself, while creating better relationships with those around you. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Six of Swords: Experiencing peaceful negotiations. Moving past difficulties by reaching a new understanding. Grateful for this new sense of calm and understanding. A fresh direction. All is crystal clear. Conscious, aware, and careful approach. A brand new perspective. Thoughts shift. Traveling over gentle waters. Walking gently over eggshells. Information and truth is received that allows flow. Caution using words of expression. Friendliness and good communications. Possible journey. Change in course. Troubles left behind. Positive thoughts.

Mars powers up your house of Career, that can put you and your public status into speedy recovery. You are definitely going places Taurus. The Sun, Mercury, and Pluto activate your House of Higher Learning and Journeys – and you only need to trust what you have learned, to reach new and improved levels. As Saturn settles himself into your house of Relationships, a heaviness in the connections that you keep may feel a bit serious and limiting, as you want to charge boldly ahead. Allow yourself to bend halfway instead, as the heaviness you experience, is the gravity that will keep you grounded. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20)  Ace of Cups: A beginning of an artistic endeavor or creative project is coming into realization. New love awaits. You are emotionally becoming available to others again. Overflowing with an abundance of inner joy. Beauty. Harmony. Everything is in-sync. Self-love. Allowing yourself to be creatively expressive. Great healing. Nurturing our inner self. Fidelity and trust is revived. A gift from God. Your positive outlook returns, and hope arrives when you most need. Happiness has found you. You are in-tune with your spirituality or belief system. You lend (or receive) a helping hand that is creating a magical bond. You are entering a fresh emotional cycle with an opportunity for a brand new start. A new friend is added to your circle. Love is the word.

‘Another day, Another dollar’ may be your motto as Saturn secures productivity in your House of Work and Service. You’re quite the busy bee Gemini, and with Mars burning fuel in your house of Higher Learning, there’s no doubt that you may be burning the candle at both ends in order to conquer your dreams. Uranus stations direct in your Hopes and Wishes, which can allow new and exciting aspirations to explode into places you’ve never thought possible. New changes are on the horizon with Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in your house of Transformations. Your beauty reaches into new depths. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


CANCER (June 20-July 23) Three of Cups: Healing energy. Harmony. Good fortune is upon you. Artistic expression. Support. Creative expressions. Connected to others. Experience love. Friendly compromise. Happiness. Approval from a social circle. Singing a song. Coming to a full circle. Relief. Happy ending. Fortunate results. Spirit dances. A female coven. Trust is developed. A bond is created. Rituals. Prayers. Overcoming obstacles. Celebration. Blood is thicker than water. receiving an invitation. Joy. Fulfillment. Old souls unite. Sweet talk. Friendship is born. Stagnation ends. Spiritual abundance. Networking. An open-mind flows. Enjoy the ride.

You’re illuminated in magic as this month’s Full Moon helps you to strike a pose Cancer. The Moon is your ruler, and she casts her light into your house of Identity and First Impressions. Sensitivities can be highly increased as secret shadows and intentions are being sought out. Your house of Relationships generates much activity and is in transition with Sun, Mercury, and spiritual Pluto. Healing takes on a new meaning as Neptune floods your house of Higher Learning with compassion and forgiveness. Self-knowledge will unfold new paths that await your arrival. Reflect and dream much, to encourage magical fantasies to float and manifest on the surface. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


LEO(July 23-August 22) Nine of Swords: Choosing solitude. Paranoia. Darkness falls upon us. Afraid of the night. Nightmare. Making your own misery. Too many thoughts. Living a nightmare that exists in your mind. Feeling threatened. A cycle about to close. Fears become overbearing, forcing us to react. Worries over tomorrow overwhelm us. Afraid of being revealed. Sleep deteriorates. Agitation. Criticized. Secrets do not become you. Hiding in darkness. Negativity cloaks us. Trouble. Being judged. Past mistakes haunt us. Seclusion. Waiting for the worst to happen. Cowardly behavior. Unreliable. Embarrassment. Endless suffering creates self-entrapment. We creating what we think. Unable to separate nightmares from reality. Afraid of being judged. Worried what others think.

Shocking revelations require a quick and open mind. To endure this new shift as Uranus stations direct in your House of Higher Learning, you may have to rely on totally different people and a possible change in scenery, to communicate with others on an intellectual level. As the Full Moon glows in your house of Self-Undoing later this month, skeletons that were thought to be buried, begin to uncover themselves. You may find yourself taking drastic measure in handling things better as Sun, Mercury, and Pluto enhance your intuition and natural instincts. As more comes to light for you, light reveals new knowledge, and we all know that knowledge is power. Use your strength responsibly. Help yourself, but also help others to help themselves. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


VIRGO (August 22-September 23) Four of Wands: The wheel is turning again. Celebration. Good structure. Fruits of labor. Enjoying the good life. Possible romance. Rest. Hard work pays off. Loyalty. Home is where the heart is. Trying and succeeding. Defending and protecting what’s right. Super hero. A happy workplace. What to do with all this energy? Coming to the rescue. Good intentions come from a strong heart. Harmony. Possible promotion. A fire still burns. Satisfaction. Harvest. Powerful love. A happy home. Liking who you are becoming. Contained within your own positive world. Passion is contained. Settling an old score. Pride and honor. A wedding. Secluded and happy. Strong barriers. Display of commitment. Looking for a new home. Receiving an invitation. Walls of love. Building a new resting stop. Being a good neighbor. Cycle completed and moving on to next project. Prosperity. Happy organization. Blessings. Great heart. relying on your own light.

Saturn is solidifying the way your transmit information as he travels through your house of Communications. It may be frustrating as the pace of processing information begins to slows down for you Virgo, but this will still give you the opportunity to think before speaking – so that you may say exactly what you mean. In many ways, this will also allow you to become a little kinder to yourself, especially as Venus enters your house of Family and Security. As you become more appreciative of your true self, the more you will attract in what you deserve. The Full Moon shines her truth at the end of this month in your your house of Friends, Hopes, and Wishes. Some rules are about to change, which are about to leave you feeling more happier than normal. I may also be confirming what you already we waiting for. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22) King of Cups: It’s time to listen to your intuition. Creative expression should be used. You don’t need to try so hard now. Step back and allow unseen forces to find you. Trust your heart. A new sense of happiness approaches you. Forgiveness is your friend. This is a quieter period for you, so relax and release the need to control it. See what happens. Your greatest gift comes from listening well. Experience compassion. Love is in the air. A gentle approach helps you to become closer to what you are seeking. You are letting your guard down and becoming inviting. You may decide to pursue a new artistic project. Use up the flood of emotions by doing something creative with it. Daydream, and allow yourself to imagine possibilities. Your heart is opening. Consideration and tolerance is quiet power. Love is the key. Add color to your life.

Something quivers deep down within you Libra, as Sun and Mercury join Pluto in your house of Security. What you may have understood at one point, begins to weather as new insight begins to generate, now that Saturn has left your sign after two years. Although you may be aware of changes that need to take place, you may also try to play on both sides of the fence – just to stay safe. With Venus entering your house of Communications, making decisions can be a bit more difficult than usual, but your charm is beautifully enhanced, sweetening choices, deals and agreements. Mars will pushes his way into your House of Creativity, and the bold moves that you risk to chase love and life have never felt so exciting. Sprinkle your sugar everywhere and enjoy what it delivers. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Page of Swords: Putting your thought into a new activity. Spirit of learning. You are ready to make a brave decision. Wisdom based on experience. Seeing life in a different perspective. Use logic and reason. Vigilance. Clever thinking. Research the facts. The power of knowledge. Insight. Keen vision. Keep your eyes and ears wide open. Be aware. Communicating plans and thoughts. A time to collect the facts before taking action. You may appear to be dominant or a know-it-all. Commanding. Heroism. Skilled. Almost ready for action. A service done in secret, lacks the need for applaud. Youth-like strategy. Fresh ideas. Keeping a careful watch out for possible dangers or problems. Have a good attitude. Get the proof to cut through the illusions. Ask questions. Be ready for challenges and conflict. Stay objective. Be ready to be tested. stay alert. Research details. Study. Stand up for yourself. Honesty sets high standards. You’re fighting for your integrity. Be prepared with proof. The truth shall set you free.

The way you have been handling life and relationships is slowly transforming Scorpio, especially with heavy Saturn now in your sign. Old patterns pass, so that new directions can materialize. As Mars energizes your house of Family and Emotional Security, you may be ready to meet others halfway, to get your needs met. Uranus stations direct in your house of Work and Service, changing the way you put yourself ‘out there’ for others. You seem quite ready to boost some new energy into what has become routine lately, finding new ways to spark inspiration. You may also decide to shift jobs and try something new, which isn’t always easy for your fixed energy. But anything that supplies temptations that seduce your dark taste buds will always score the big points. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.


 SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) The Hanged Man: All is on hold. A transition is taking place. Nothing is moving forward nor backwards. Life stops temporarily. Temporarily in suspension. Boredom. Spiritual awakening. Having plenty of time to think. Ready to let go. Life has been turned upside down. Passive behavior. Readjustment. Sacrificing, in order to move forward. A cleansing. All is totally out of your hands. Having the ability to see from a different perspective. Waiting to see what will happen. Regeneration. Rebuilding because of insight. Healing. At peace with the situation and with yourself. Trust in higher sources. Feeling reborn.

There’s a fine balance happening as your ruler Jupiter continues to retrograde your house of Relationships. Giving back to yourself doesn’t feel natural, since you are always so charitable with all that you have.. but it seems to be doing the trick as you replenish the goodness that you usually give away. Venus enters your house of Identity, that temporarily softens your heavy warrior uniform. Venus wants to help, decorating you with something more artsy, making you that much more approachable and attractive. But as Mars enters your house of Communications later this month, your blunt approach may be a bit too rough around the edges, which can get you back into hot water on the Full Moon. It’s your time to shine as a class Sagittarius, just accept it and enjoy it. If you’d like to know more as Uranus turns life upside down (or right side up), while Mars heats up our social scene, subscribe to my writings with the latest cosmic dirt.

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