Friday December 24, 2010 Horoscope

It’s Christmas Eve, and the Leo moon is still able to accomplish all that is expected of us on Friday December 24. Whether we have last minute shopping to do, pushing our ways through impatient shoppers, cooking and baking up a storm, wrapping presents, cleaning our homes… we can do it. Just be aware that your own need to take control, is also someone else’s. The Leo Moon means well, but it’s case where we have too many chief’s and not enough indians. Wear cushy slippers in case you step on someone’s toes and wear a smile, and be sure to spend quality time with the family and children – where you truly beam with sunshine and warmth. The Universe doesn’t ask about your ability, only your availability, and if you prove your dependability, the Universe will increase your capability. Tarot Insight from Nine of Pentacles rx, Knight of Pentacles: It’s not ‘what or who’ is missing in your life that matters, the importance lies in what you already have. Have a blessed holiday. Starcana