Tuesday, December 28, 2010 Horoscope

The Libra Moon encourages us to seek information if we want inner balance on Tuesday December 28, so we could find ourselves socializing a little more with others to research and get advice. The cardinal forces are taking control, so as we get the answers that we’ve been looking for – we feel a strong need to react and create a balanced world. Luckily, the Libra moon behaves on an intellectual level, who desires to equalize our personal security with friendly, but factual communication. Just remember that the communication expert Mercury is still retrograding, so be sure to say what you mean. In the afternoon, Moon squares impatient Mars, so we want to hurry and just this all over with, but she then conjuncts disciplined Saturn, who intentionally creates barriers to slow us down, to make sure we’re doing things the right way. It’s sortuv what I would call ‘an unanswered prayer’, rather than a problem or a block. Just take time to see the bigger picture. In the evening, Moon sextiles open-minded Mercury rx which can fix an old problem with the right approach. ‘The bonds that good men share, like good bound books, Reveal new enjoyments at each new encounter. The object of friendship is not merrymaking But a stern rebuking when friends go astray. It is not constant meeting and companionship But mutual sensibilities that confer the alliance of friendship. Friendship is not seen on a friendly face, But felt deep within a friendly heart. Tirukkural.’ Tarot insight from the Tower rx/King of Cups rx: Your resistance as to what should be done, will only cause stagnation. Make it a happening day. Starcana