Don’t Chase, Be Chosen. Mars In Capricorn, Mercury Direct, November Tarotscope

Dont Chase, Be Chosen.In the last few weeks, many of us have been energized and much more alive in our personal and professional pursuits. When you ponder this statement, what did you attempt to move while Mars was in fiery Sagittarius? Maybe more importantly, what did you actually create? For some of the lucky and ambitious ones, goals stayed right on course. For the rest of the people, it’s more than likely that high-strung emotions and directions got sidetracked; between the recent Aries Lunar Eclipse, the Scorpio Solar Eclipse, and of course, Mercury retrograde.

Mercury Direct. Now that Mercury stationed direct on Saturday October 25, we’re preparing to collect our thoughts and ourselves after the last few weeks of miscalculations and trying to refigure things out. We’ll be picking up where we last left off, right before Mercury went retrograde on October 4th, so perhaps you’ve already noticed that your intentions and approach have begun to change. We’re getting back on course; looking for a change in the way that we communicate, and a shift in the way that we process information again. Fortunately, there will be less interruptions and distractions, which will allow us to look for new ways to get where we’re going.

In the same breath, we can still experience unstable vibrations of Mercury Retrograde for the next few weeks, especially if we’re trying to maintain control with Venus and Sun in slippery Scorpio. It’s wise to use caution with our next steps ahead, to avoid any sloppy mistakes that could cause us to trip and fall, or re-trigger blame.

Mars enters Capricorn. Mars changed signs on Sunday October 26, so whatever we’ve been toying with in the last past weeks during Mars in Sagittarius, is about to get a lot more serious. The adventure that we’ve been riding on since September, will continue to be available for manifestion until December – but only if we’re willing to do something more constructive and loving with it. With Mars in the earthy element of Capricorn, we’ll be more ambitious than ever to bring stability and prosperity into our reality.

In the heavy, fatigued weeks ahead, we’ll be required to reserve our precious fuel as our energy begins to slow down considerably. Through patience and perseverance, we can move forward with good planning – which will help us to stay on course – as we carefully pave our projects, goals and direction. Through this slower motion, we can learn how to build a stronger foundation in our lives, while learning how to get the proper rest, diet, and fitness – to keep things running properly and smoothly. This gives us an opportunity to learn how to utilize our own resources more efficiently – rather than scatter ourselves into places where we don’t need to be.

If we fail to do what we must, for a healthier, brighter future – we could go in the wrong direction, by demanding that others do our dirty work for us – which of course would create much more serious problems. With Mercury Direct, look to see where misunderstandings have previously occurred, to better communicate and explain the reasoning. Be ready to your own necessary work. Create a better status yourself and build strength to spark integrity. Stay powerful and amazing. And don’t chase. Instead, be chosen.

In the earlier part of this week, there is a strong divine force that comfortably flows onto our path. This stream of dream-like energy promises to soften our vision – while mystically disguising what we’re looking for, into what we actually need. Let go, and Let it be. Starcana Tarot Insight: Although it isn’t comfortable, at least we’re all in this together. Lovers/FourCups

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Starcana Tarotscopes, Tarot Horoscope for Zodiac Sun SignsNovember Tarotscope, A Tarot Horoscope

Starcana Tarotscopes is a horoscope created from the tarot. Each month, I concentrate individual sun signs, then pull one tarot card for monthly insight. To provide you with some guidance, I’ve included a general tarot card interpretation… but if you’d like something more detailed and more personalized to your own life & situation, private sessions are available. If you know your astrological birth information, enhance this month’s message, with my ‘three card’ tarot spread…

  • Read your Ascendant/Rising sign, for what you know.
  • Read your Moon sign, for what challenges you.
  • Read your Sun sign, for what you are creating.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Tarot card insight: King of Cups:  Listen. Intuition speaks. Creative expression. Acceptance. Self-control. Step back. Allow unseen forces to happen. Trust your heart. A new calm approaches. Forgive. Release the need to control the situation. See what happens. Listen well. Compassion. Love. Be gentle, to attract. Kindness invites. New creative project. Stabilizing wall of emotions. Dream. Allow possibilities. An open heart. Consideration. Tolerance. Power of love. Use the whole box of crayons.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Tarot card insight: Seven of Cups: Illusions. Fantasy. Seeing a mirage. Dream about a world that is hoped for. Head in the clouds. Over-active imagination. Spiritual realms. Living in a bubble. Lost. Direction and goals are unclear. Going with the flow. Ignoring reality. Careless. Seeing something that doesn’t exist. Making wishes. Creating intention. Mystical experience. Psychic abilities. More wishful thinking. Relying solely on intuition. Something doesn’t make sense, but who cares. Romantic expectations. If it’s seems too good to be true, make it a double. Escapism. Filling emptiness with dreams and desires. In love. Wishing on a star. Counting on your lucky charms.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Tarot card insight: The High Priestess: Hidden wisdom. Embrace your Inner Goddess. Silence is an ally. Mysterious power of insight speaks. Action should not be taken at this point. Be still and listen. Information revealed, but may be clouded. Urged to be patient as details present themselves. See beyond the obvious. An older woman with a mysterious agenda. Be a guardian of your unconscious. Respect what you sense. Use practicality and good judgment. Benefit from introverted energy. Trust intuition. Subconscious influences becomes a guide. There is more much happening beneath the surface. Possible psychic breakthrough. Secrets. Not all can be seen. The time is not right to act. Pay attention to memories or details that may have been overlooked. Mystical potential. The unknown speaks. See beyond the veil. Illusions exist.

CANCER (June 20-July 23) Tarot card insight: Temperance: Moderation. Balance. Blending the negative with the positive. Level-headed experience and advice. Going with the flow. Being a good sport. Patience. Taste the rainbow. A bridge between heaven and earth. A child from the heavens. Take time to stop and smell the roses. Angelic. Healing. Spirit and matter connects. Intuition. Improvements. Living the simple life. Wisdom. Gratitude. Appreciation. Your inner gypsy. Charitable returns. Movement. Spiritual peace. Walls removed. Energy flows. Optimism. Been there, done that. Self-realization. Choosing the middle ground.

LEO (July 23-August 22) Tarot card insight: Five of Swords: The truth shall set you free. Survivor. Unfair means. New information comes around. Creativity outwits challenges. No pain, No gain. Winning, but at what cost. Direction is found. Who’s cheating who? Double edge. Degradation. Seeing your reflection. All is a blessing. Interest in selfish gain. You are, who you hang with. Dishonorable decisions. Lowering the sword. Weakness with temptation challenge your willpower. Trickery. Loss of footing. Display of character. Insensitivity. New path created. Cheating. Test of ethics. Cross words. Judgment. Taking time out to think.

VIRGO (August 22-September 23) Tarot card insight: Death: Letting go. Shedding old skin for new growth. Abrupt changes. Renewal. Darkness. Bidding a farewell, possible good riddance. Finished. Set free. Transformation. Stillness. Removing the debris. New life. The end. There is more than what meets the eyes. Omen. True colors emerge. Clearing away what has worn out its welcome. Major transition. Aware of what needs to be released. Making way for the new. A door opens as a door closes. Endings. And from the cocoon, the caterpillar’s new butterfly wings are revealed. A turn of events. No mud, no lotus.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)  Tarot card insight: Seven of Wands: Staying friendly with the opposition. Keeping a safe distance. Creating necessary boundaries. Good negotiations. Successful outcome. Gaining the advantage. A win. Having the courage to confront what is necessary to keep peace. Responsible actions. Getting what is needed, the right way. Relying on bartering. Pleasing outcome. Realization of strength. Graduating. Mingling with the big boys. Creating respect.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)  Tarot card insight: Six of Swords: Experiencing peaceful negotiations. Moving past difficulties by reaching a new understanding. Grateful for this new sense of calm and understanding. A fresh direction. All is crystal clear. Conscious, aware, and careful approach. A brand new perspective. Thoughts shift. Traveling over gentle waters. Walking gently over eggshells. Information and truth is received that allows flow. Caution using words of expression. Friendliness and good communications. Possible journey. Change in course. Troubles left behind. Positive thoughts.

Happy birthday! SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Tarot card insight: Two of Wands: Putting it all together. Action on thoughts. A mature individual. Going after desires. Out to win. Eye on the reward. Creativity comes alive. Making it come alive. Courageous actions. Performing magic. Making dreams come true. Taking the dare. Confident in potential. Creating potential. Boldness. Aggressive steps. Reaching for stars. Self-sufficient and self-reliant. Making it work. Showing off new mojo. Helping it all come together. A great trust. Taking on new challenge.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)  Tarot card insight: Knight of Pentacles: Making responsible decisions based on learned lessons. Dependability. Scholar. Teacher. Willing to adapt to a situation without losing self. Stable friend helps with direction. Pursue the dream. The right way counts. Honorable decisions. Building character. Loner wolf. Favorable decisions. Morals matter. Extension. Taking control. Learn and growing. Progress. Applying work. Struggle disappears. Meditation. Conscientious. Change with patience and caution. Continuance to study. Good news. Positive shift in finances or education.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Tarot card insight: Hanged Man: Temporarily in suspension. All is on hold. Transition. Nothing moves forward or backwards. Life stops temporarily. Boredom. Spiritual awakenings. Too much time on your hands. Not ready to quite let go. Life is turned upside down. Passive behavior. Readjustment. Preparation of sacrifice. Cleansing. It’s totally out of your hands. See from a different perspective. Waiting. Regenerating. Visions. Insight. Healing. At peace with the stillness. Trust in higher sources. Rebirth. Everything happens for a reason.

PISCES (February 19-March 20) Tarot card insight: Five of Wands: Hard work. Going in circles. Unsatisfied. Inner struggles. Labor. Aggression. Defenses are up. Polish that shine. Competition. Trying to find a way in, or possibly a way out. Fighting. Resisting change. Conflict. Lack of agreement. Life comes to a halt. Can’t always get what you want. Unaware of goal. Self-limiting. Be creative. Busta move. Find a way. New adventure. What are you fighting for. Utilize energy correctly. Temper. Working up a sweat. Obstacles are no problem. Paving a new road. Ego on fire. Changing direction.

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