Earth Speaks & Quakes

Earth Speaks. And I feel the earth move, Cosmic Weather, Tremors, Earth Storms, and Earth Quakes. I’ve been connected with nature and weather since childhood, but in 2006, I really began to experience some very strong (and very strange!) earth tremors beneath our new home. Frightened, yet curious, I journaled my intuitive experiences to studied my ‘inner storms’. I  also researched the latest news of national stormy weather and major global earthquakes, linking certain patterns that I ‘felt’. A bit of a skeptic, until I prove myself otherwise – I contacted the government website USGS Earthquake Hazards program, who let me know that were no major faults in this area. (whew?)


Conversations with earth

As a cosmic weather girl… I ‘feel’ brewing energy of developing storms in the cosmos, nature and in living beings. Like a human ‘tuning fork’, earth vibrations and cosmic tremors pass through me. I have always been a storm. As ‘earth speaks’, I blog ‘intuitive vibrations’ received on posts titled: ‘Did You Feel That’, recording the date and time. ‘IF’ my senses are correct, the earth storm/quake will usually produce a magnitude 6.1+ (or larger), within 3-5 days from logged data.

Despite my ability to be ‘connected’ and ‘aware of danger’ (like the ‘special knowing’ of wild habitat), I do not claim accuracy. My practice is learned through years of experience and self-study. I particularly find this uniquely interesting, so I share this as a service to the world, for those who also have an interest in this special phenomenon. If you have an interest (but don’t mind the complicated messy notes, transferred from an older blogger and twitter account)… then you may visit (or subscribe) to my other wordpress blog: Earth Speaks >>.