Embrace Your Inner Goddess, New Moon Tarot Affirmations, Taurus, The Empress

New Moon Tarot Affirmations are positive statements for shifting energy, centering ourselves, and energizing our mojo. They can help to improve our perspective, while encouraging confidence and productivity. The method is simple and can involve creative visualization (which in this case, I include the tarot), but you must be determined to put the effort in, in order to invigorate higher vibrations. I’m including my original affirmations with the timing of each New Moon, with an explanation as to what is happening astrologically, and how to benefit with the New Moon’s emotional approach, but you can Use my meditative affirmations ANYTIME when you need a shift in focus.

Preparation: A quiet spot where you are able to stay focused is suggested, in order to put your intent out into the Universe. Clear your mind, so that nothing interferes, be neutral in your thoughts and emotions. You may declare your personal statement. My suggestions are only examples to help guide you, but feel free to create your own methods of expression. I personally prefer to vocalize my affirmations out loud – but also very clearly – in order to ‘seal the verbal contract’ with the Universe. It is helpful to have your affirmation written down on a small post-it note and placed where you will see it several times a day, as a reminder to take a short moment and focus on your intent. Visualize and believe in what you are announcing. The more you work with your affirmation, the more you grow accustomed to your own style of what works best for you. Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong. For beginners, it may take one to three weeks of repeating the oath to sense a shift. For the experienced it may take twenty-four hours or less! With the right approach, you will encounter the magic of will and assertion.

Mindset: We’ve had so many planets transiting through pioneering Aries, encouraging each of us to step up and face the music, and to be all that we can be. Today is the Taurus New Moon, who is represented by earth, Earth Mother, and Empress. We plant new seeds of intentions, with a new emotional attitude in the way we approach our weeks ahead. Rather than jumping and reacting to what life delivered, as in last month’s Aries New Moon, we now want to savor the energy that we have left, just for ourselves. We’ve exhausted the excess and begin to finesse the energy, to benefit ourselves. I chose The Empress in honor of all of the inner AND outer changes that so many of us have been creating in the last few months. All of the rapid energy that we’ve been experiencing is to be taken and rolled into a blanket to be used for more quality choices and protection. The card is a nice touch for Mother’s Day, but this card represents more, as we all reach in to connect with our ‘inner mother’ or Inner Nurturer. As in the image, as like Taurus – we have learned to survive and fend for ourselves. We have learned to let go of what isn’t necessary for our survival, and we’ve learned to appreciate the more simple qualities of life. We can fight for ourselves, transform ourselves, and we can take care of ourselves in the comforts of our own makings. We have grown into something more stable, self-sufficient, and earned self-respect. It is time to love and reward thyself for what we have accomplished.

Practice: Exit your world, and connect with love of the The Empress. She can represent an important female in your life, Mother Earth, a Divine Goddess, or your Inner Nurturer. Relax, with your eyes closed, and imagine yourself sitting on the ground, and the grass as a blanket to give you comfort, as you rest against a strong tree. The warm air feels good, as it gently blows through your hair and across your skin. Feel settled and grounded where you are seated. Begin stating ‘one by one’, each of your many ‘titles’ with the many jobs that you are responsible for. As an example, I could begin with, “I am a mother, I teach my child to take care of himself. I am a cook, I create home-made healthy dinners. I am a wife, I create comfort for my husband. I am a business owner, I provide ethical service to others. I am an artist, I create sunshine for others.” and so on. Go with the flow of your daily list, acknowledge whatever might come to your mind as you allow your thoughts to drift. Take your time, at least a full minute, stating many of your talented gifts. No matter how silly or disgusting, they are gifts that you perform either for another, or for yourself. Mothering, nurturing, and enhancing your inner female resources. It is important to understand that we are not our ‘title’ or ‘job’, but that we are capable of more than we might give ourselves credit for. We are presenting ourselves with self-dedication to our present be-ing – to appreciate what we ‘bring to the table’.

Per each ‘title/duty’ announced, inhale slow and deeply. Acknowledge your strength and digest your capability to each act in which you invest yourself into. (Yes, someone has to ‘stand-up’ and be the one to clean the puke from baby’s t-shirt. Someone has to ‘take charge’ and plunge the toilet). While everyone would like a popular, fun job, the harder jobs where we can actually get our hands dirty are what can build great character. Otherwise, life would get ‘plugged up’ with those unwanted jobs that we chose to avoid. All that we invest, handle, and take care of, has significance. Know your eminence. Claim the integrity of your feminine spirit.

Now slowly release and detach yourself from each of those ‘titles and jobs’. What is left is our accomplishments and power for more potential. Our flexibility and commitment allows us to be all that we can be. With our participation into the day (no matter how important or lame it might be) – we are enforcing our availability to others, as well as to ourselves. Inside, sits a great force. We’ve earned it. Now relax and experience it. Female ‘muscle’ exists of artistic imagination, versatility, and graceful influence which comes from Venus, the ruler of Taurus. It is not loud and boastful like that of the male ego. It is quiet, composed, and invisible to the eye. Embrace your Inner Goddess.

Affirm: While being in-touch with yourself, announce your trusted affirmation:

  • I am a blessing of the Earth.
  • I care of myself, because I matter.
  • I embrace my Inner Goddess.
  • My daily investments are of value.

Now go get your mantra on! Suzi

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