Enrich Your Inner Garden, Taurus New Moon

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Energy shifts as the Taurus New Moon secures her grounding power on Friday May 6. Sensitivities will increase, with a sense of stubbornness and sincere determination to push forward and heal. To grow with these earthy vibrations, we may want to ask ourselves; ‘how may I build self-reliance and protect my strength, so that I may create more value and beauty with all that I have’?

Healing is a process of revealing not removing. Jim Lockard

To embrace the quiet, yet empowering sensations of the New Moon, relax in meditation or stillness. Through personal reflection, we can establish our true hunger, and discover where inner resources are being drained. As new insight is received, new emotions will be stirred; which will encourage us to start new projects, fresh beginnings or an unused approach that feeds the soul.

It is your work in life that is the ultimate seduction. Picasso

We should also remember that moving fast and forward will not be so easy with Mercury (thoughts, communications), Mars (energy), Jupiter (fortune, abundance), Saturn (responsibility, duties) and Pluto in retrograde. So to surf WITH these cosmic waves, instead of against them, step back (with hands in the air) to enjoy the ride. Expect less from life and others, to learn how to rely more on ourself andour own resources.

My father used to say: ‘You don’t deserve it if you can’t take care of it.’ I’ve always been haunted by that. Willem Dafoe

On a personal note, I pondered my own options to understand the big wall that ‘we’ (me and my natal Saturn aspects) were up against, as I had HOPED to catch up from where I fell behind and distracted with my writings during the last couple of weeks. I found that trying to bring those unwritten posts ‘back up to speed’ was already more exhausting that I had originally planned for. So rather than backtrack, overexplain, and overwrite cosmic forecasts – I decided to just pick myself up and begin blogging fresh. — So with this thought, I’d like to share a very warm thank you to the gracious souls of my amazing clients and readers for your patience and understanding, along with the wonderful friends from facebook, instagram, linked-in, google and twitter  – for blessing us with your thoughts, prayers and positive vibes – while my son fell ill during the last few months. Your kindness and generosity are truly appreciated. 

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. Lao Tzu

This is a wonderful time to dream, fantasize and make wishes about the very things that have already brought us pleasure, reinforcement and perseverance. Sow your seeds of intention for new moon blessings through appreciation and imagination; to remodel and improve current possessions. Opportunities for personal development and financial growth are available in Tuesday’s Sun/Jupiter trine and with Saturday’s Sun/Pluto trine. Stimulate growth and direction with the creative art of weeding, using a gentle nip and tuck, here and there. Check out your Starcana May Tarotscope for more insight. Redesign your inner garden to be your most beautiful and reliable resource for living and loving. Happy Mother’s Day to ALL nurturing spirits! Starcana tarot insight: Digging back into fruitful grounds. [NineSwordsrx/FourWands].

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