Evaporating Lines | Astrology Horoscope

Evaporating Lines | Astrology Horoscope, Starcana Cosmic Dirt

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As this new week unfolds, we can experience a lingering hunger for change in frequency; strangely craving more height and distance under the altruistic Aquarius Moon on Monday June 4. In knowing where we’re feeling empty or most undernourished; we might catch a much better view of the path that we’ve been on, with the attentive Sun/Mercury conjunction on Tuesday June 5.

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. Mark Twain

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Shortly after, a seductive Venus/Pluto opposition will require some adjustment, especially as lines become blurred this week – with the slippery Mercury/Neptune square on Wednesday June 6, and a psychedelic Sun/Neptune square on Thursday June 7.

From the narrow vision of ‘individual need’, man must voyage out into the broad vision of the ‘Universal’. When a drop of water falls into the Ocean, it loses its narrow individuality, its name and form, and assumes the form, name and taste of the Ocean itself. If it seeks to live separately as a ‘drop’, it will soon evaporate and be reduced to non-existence. Sri Sathya Sai Baba

And although the energy may seem a bit weak, it’s still packed with a punch. What we’re willing to do, with what we’ve been able to integrate with.. should be pretty apparent as the Moon enters Warrior Aries on Thursday June 7 til Sunday June 10. Are we fueling up to light our personal needs on fire – or to burn for the better good of all? Starcana weekly tarot: Memories cause uncertainty in direction. [SixCups/ThreeWandsRx] Love & Peace, Suzi xx … And for more insight, the June Tarotscope is available.

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