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Starcana Cosmic Dirt | Intuitive Tarot, Spiritual Astrology Horoscope BlogVibrations are going to shift considerably as abundant Jupiter exits from adventurous Sagittarius (after a one year transit), to join Venus, Saturn and Pluto in the ambitious realm of Capricorn, Monday December 2. During the next twelve months with Jupiter in Capricorn, we’re bound to expand in some way, in areas of reputation, status, career, business, government, finances, family, tradition, real estate, property, education, religion and/or manufacturing. It’s not going to be easy, as we’re bound to run into some restrictive walls, unexpected detours and karmic lessons… as a way to ensure that we’re being responsible (and accountable) for what (and where) we intend to grow. Have you figured out what this might be?

When you’re a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you’re not going to use a piece of plywood on the back, even though it faces the wall and nobody will see it. You’ll know it’s there, so you’re going to use a beautiful piece of wood on the back. For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through. Steve Jobs

I thought this photo might create an interesting image of what could be built in the year ahead – if we’re willing to be strategic, patient and consistent. As we learn a little self-discipline, we can practice our expanding…. ‘one step (or brick) at a time’. In doing so, it could be possible to eventually understand and appreciate when these limitations (Saturn) might happen.

If we choose to ignore this important lesson, we may assume that we can just ‘do whatever’ and ‘go wherever’, while hoping for a lucky break (Jupiter). Without careful precision of our  time and energy, we could experience a burn-out, which could invoke sloppy work (like in the image). All that’s been invested into our goal could end up loose and falling apart – if we’re not careful in the way that we lay the bricks, for a strong foundation. And of course, this could lead toward self-sabotage; limiting us from reaching our goal – or possibly causing us to just give up.

When we learn how to accept our weaknesses and mistakes, we’ll be able to see how flaws and failure had actually happened. From this point, we’ll be able to release heavy attachments and destroy toxic patterns (Pluto) – in order to construct a new and improved blueprint of our goal.

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck. Dalai Lama

Starcana Tarot, Free Tarot InsightWe can utilize intentions from the Sagittarius New Moon… or create quality time to think about where you’d like to see yourself by the end of next year. Write down your goal – and please try to be realistic – so that you don’t beat yourself up if you’re unable to reach the intended mark. It’s quality (Saturn) that matters, not quantity (Jupiter). And with the right approach, embracing limitations could feel like a breath of fresh air.

Our relationship with creativity, love and sex receives a positive boost with the Venus/Mars sextile on Tuesday December 3. We may find that we’re a lot further up in the clouds than expected with the foggy Sun/Neptune square on Sunday, December 8. If something seems a little too good to be true, it probably is. Take a step back and quietly observe how things will play out naturally. Starcana weekly tarot insight: After getting a little too comfortable, a harsh reality appears. [TenCups/FivePentacles]. Happy Holidays, with much love! ~Suzi

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Starcana Tarotscope, December Tarotscope - A Tarot Horoscope

Tarotscope Image Credit: ©Starcana, Inc. ©Hanson Roberts Tarot, Publisher U.S. Games

December 2019 Tarotscope, A Tarot Horoscope

Starcana Tarotscopes is a monthly ‘one tarot card’ horoscope. I share some basic guidance with a general tarot message; per each individual zodiac sun sign. For a little more insight, try my ‘three card’ tarot spread below. But if you prefer something a little more personalized and detailed to your life and situation, I’m available for ‘one-on-one’ private consultations & birthday readings.

  • Read your Ascendant/Rising sign, for what you currently know.
  • Read your Moon sign, for what will challenge you.
  • Read your Sun sign, for what will be created.


ARIES (March 21-April 19) Tarot card insight: Five of Wands: Hard work. Going in circles. Unsatisfied. Inner struggles. Labor. Aggression. Defenses are up. Polish that shine. Competition. Trying to find a way in, or possibly a way out. Fighting. Resisting change. Conflict. Lack of agreement. Life comes to a halt. Can’t always get what you want. Unaware of goal. Self-limiting. Be creative. Busta move. Find a way. New adventure. What are you fighting for. Utilize energy correctly. Temper. Working up a sweat. Obstacles are no problem. Paving a new road. Ego on fire. Changing direction. (See your card in the image above.)

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Tarot card insight: Ace of Pentacles: A blessing is received. Spiritual work. New work. Bliss. The real thing. What is touched, turns to gold. Finances improve. Confidence returns. An investment makes a good return. Building character. A wonderful gift arrives. Prosperity. Finding true value. Change in your pocket comes in handy. Something or someone returns. Perfection. Material goodness. It’s in our favor. Good planning pays off. Proof is in the hand. (See your card in the image above.)

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Tarot card insight: The World: Commitment. Fulfillment. Rewards for hard work. Pure happiness. Being admired and recognized. Completion. Achieving success. Triumph. Winnings. Holding the power. Aware of what you are capable of and more. Loyalty. Beautiful finale. Decorating your future. Honorable mentions. Full of integrity. Receiving recognition. Embracing who we’ve become. Owning our responsibilities. Perfection. Dressed in blessings. A cycle closes. Complete satisfaction. (See your card in the image above.)

CANCER (June 20-July 23) Tarot card insight: Six of Cups: Embracing finer memories. Nostalgia. Happier times. Reliance on the past. Understanding how to enjoy the present. Reflections. Letting time pass. Enjoyment. Daydreams. Allowing yourself to be happy. Smiles. Laughter. Fun times. Longing for the way it use to be. Gentleness returns. Remembering what matters. Love conquers all. Overflowing with joy. Good friends. Moving past issues. Yesteryears speak loudly. Trusting insight. Imagine to believe. Creativity. Understanding what fades. The heart longs for togetherness. Healing music. Photographic memory. Childhood comes to surface. Emotions flow. Aware of what matters. (See your card in the image above.)

LEO (July 23-August 22) Tarot card insight: Six of Wands:  Achieving goals. Success comes your way. Triumph over difficulties. Hard work pays off. Blessings rain upon you. Glory and gain are yours. It’s a beautiful day. The sun shines on you. Confidence is repaired. Health heals. A reason to smile. Utilizing energy wisely. Laughing at troubles. Nothing stops you. Sharing the fruits of work well done. Transforming negative, into positive. Image improves. Admiration and self-respect. What you touch, seems to turns to gold. (See your card in the image above.)

VIRGO (August 22-September 23) Tarot card insight: Chariot: Drive. Passion rises. Perseverance. Victory ahead. Movement. Change. I seek, therefore I find. Headed for your destination. Control of the reins. Willpower creates a shift. Journey. Listening as the heart speaks. No stopping. Energy protected. Holding onto dreams. Stability. Intuition leads. Vengeance. Acting on decisions. Escaping the past. Getting a good kick in the pants. Instincts react. Payback time. Winning the race. Assertion. Agreement. Proving you can. (See your card in the image above.)

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)  Tarot card insight:The Devil: Bondage. Questioning happiness. Distracted from goals. Gravity. Subordination. Addiction. Unhappiness. Growth is stunted. Materialism. Downfall. Obsession. Karma. What are you saving for? Lack of success. Fear of change. Be careful of what you’ve been wishing for. Chained. Pain. Blame. Bumpy road. Problems resurface. Excuses. Doing for the wrong reasons. Trapped. Unprepared for consequence. Unexpected failure. Weird experience. In a rut. Punishment. Fear of change. What goes up, must come down. Stuck. Lesson. (See your card in the image above.)

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Tarot card insight: Magician: Self-reliance. Individuality. Ability to talk the talk. Strength in communications. Everyone is listening and paying attention. Originality rules. Take the initiative. Creativity. Capability to achieve goals. Imagination. Talents are useful. Grasping the potential. Quick thinking. Opportunities for natural skills to come alive. Knowledge is the key. A bridge is created for balance. Trusting a divine guide. Leave nothing unturned. Handful of elements. Thoughts  manifest. Words have power. Be magnificent. As above, so below. Competent. Outer and inner world harmonize. Charming and friendly demeanor. Entertaining the audience. Believe. Make it happen. (See your card in the image above.)

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Tarot card insight: Nine of Wands: Preparation. Caution. Waiting for the cart to tilt. Believing that things could still go wrong. Difficulties may exist. High energy. Resisting purification. Priorities. The war continues. Stand for a purpose. Fighting for a reason. Hidden enemies. Taking more than needed. Closure waits. Coming to an end of a journey. Deception. Organizing. Instincts. Boomerang. Validation. Anticipation. Obsessed with success. Ego. Control. Direction through inner process. (See your card in the image above.)

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)  Tarot card insight:Four of Pentacles: Holding on too tightly. Hoarder. Inability to let go. Stale. Protected. Grasping onto what brings us power. Mold grows. Safe in our prison. Growth in finances. Locked in. Having the ability to open and close doors. Miserly. Scrooge. Refusal to stray beyond four walls. Reflecting on what has been built. Choosing to be cheap. Unable to see the future. Dependent on experience. Alone. Tough cookie. Security matters. Lacking vision from limitations. Not flexible. Can’t think outside the box. Stubbornness. Attachment. Teamwork is missing. Barriers. Building walls. (See your card in the image above.)

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Tarot card insight: Wheel of Fortune: As above, so below. Freedom. Cosmic flow. Good luck. Movement. Door opens as we close one. Change. The Sun rises. The end. Transformation. Taking the foot off the break. Solutions. Destiny. Opportunity arrives. Problem disappears. Connected with the season. Unexpected occurrences. Aware. Turn the page. In the present. End of a cycle. For better or worse, issues evolve. Closure. It was bound to happen. What goes up, must come down. Luck changes. (See your card in the image above.)

PISCES (February 19-March 20) Tarot card insight: Eight of Wands: Important news arrives. Confirmation of quick developments. Proving intentions. Movement. Ready, set go. Rapid advancement. The timing is perfect. Work takes a better shift. Fast progress. Today is the day. Quick action. Try, try again. Travel. Green lights. Move three steps forward. Travel. What obstacles? Jumping into the fire. Bravery expands. Freedom to move in any direction. Overcome frustrations with necessary changes. Achievement. Ideas come to life. Everything is happening. Wow! Long distance jump. Rewarded with happiness. A reason to cheer. New priorities profit. Quick decisions. Celebration. Jumping ship. Removing fears. Willingness to live life. Turn of events. Get this party started. Make it happen. Live life to its fullest. (See your card in the image above.)


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