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New Moon Astrology

Today’s cosmic event is the New Moon, which joins Sun (will), the harmonious conjunction of Venus (values, love, money) and Mars (energy), and Uranus (change, reform) in natural pioneer Aries. This cosmic crowd obviously continues to activate the element of fire, which really spices things up at incredible high temperatures. Perhaps you have felt its prickly heat in the past weeks. It blazes generously with movement in creativity, confidence, beauty, work, sports, leadership, passion, bravery, spirituality, interesting life experiences, and start-up projects. And then there’s it’s shadow side, which contains ego, aggression, war, rage, bully, narcissism, self-entitlement, and violence. It’s definitely action-packed energy.

The Aries New Moon is dark and quiet, where we are reaching deep into the depths of our inner psyche. And through many levels of darkness, we come across a small flame that still exists within our inner cave, which we may have assumed to have burned out some time ago. With this hint of a light, we realize that a piece of us still very much exists – with a potential to shine. We are very much alive, and nothing will get us more excited than to rise back into life again – and make our mark.

The hardest battle you’re ever going to fight is the battle to be just you. Leo F. Buscaglia 

So what will you be busy bringing out from yourself, in order to bring back a life of purpose? Sparks definitely fly high now, as you become your own fire weapon of choice. And with the use of my words here, I’m not here to offend anyone. The red-hot topics in the news just prove that it’s Mars/Aries weather. When I mention about BEING the fire weapon of choice, we can use these exciting vibrations to shoot for the stars, to create something magnificent in your life – or we can waste our ammunition on fighting, revenge, combat, arguments, violence, and destructive behavior. Weapons (Mars) can be used to defend and protect  – or they can used to threaten and destroy (Uranus/Pluto). Which are you? If you come in peace, words may have less of an impact now – so you may need to prove it with positive action (Venus/Mars) – or by doing absolutely nothing. It’s your choice of course, but it may feel quite maddening as inner vibes ache to rebel in a big way – just to create something amazingly authentic (Uranus).

Too, Aries is the Warrior, and his ruler is Mars, God of War. If you have a mighty appetite to trespass and conquer unmarked territories, make sure that you do your homework. Or think about going where you may have not been to before, in yourself. It’s a safe place to conquer an ego that craves animal instinct, reaction, envy, and entitlement. Don’t get mad, get even. Nothing bothers our competitors more, than when we’re happy, living well, and doing it successfully.

Try to find patience in all this fury before jumping the boat completely. Transformational Pluto prepares to station retrograde on Friday, which can keep us hanging on to what we were ready to let go of. An older Pluto retrograde article that I had scribbled some time back can be read here, or you can subscribe to my posts to have my next article on Pluto delivered to your email address.

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