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Starcana | Intuitive Life Path Readings, Practical Advice, Soulful Guidance & Astrology ForecastsHappy New Year! How are things going with your new goals, now that we’re already one week into 2017? Don’t forget to check out your January Tarotscope for more insight and direction.

And while the holidays may have been busy, and maybe even chaotic at times – we were also under the confusing influence of Mercury retrograde and the naughty tricks that he likes to play on us. We may have also experienced some cosmic flip-flopping that would’ve caused unexpected changes in plans and/or directions, as Uranus (awakenings, independence) stationed direct on Thursday, December 29. The past five months seemingly placed life ‘on pause’ for a bit during Uranus retrograde, which would have allowed us to encounter some new discoveries about ourselves. With this new insight, we’re ready to step out of our protective box, in order to get back to where we last left off in late July.

So whatever new thoughts, ideas and goals that may have been anticipated for the new year, expectations could have gotten into a tangled mess of whirlwind energy. This may have been a mess as in tainted, dirty and trash this concept – or – a mess as in tousled, disorderly and twisted. Again, direction (or goals) may not have been crystal clear, because of what was being communicated, or not communicated. So when Mercury retrograde re-entered Sagittarius on Wednesday January 4, I tweeted out a gentle reminder: ‘Twist. Unravel. Debates. Sharp curves ahead. Think larger. Seek truth & a higher path’ – hoping to encourage change.

Flowing the shift of vibrations would be the thing to do, especially as Mars (energy) entered intuitive Pisces back in the middle of December, while Venus (value, love, money) entered dreamy Pisces on Tuesday January 3. Walking softly with our heart on our sleeve would support a new and necessary importance for release, expression, poetry, dreams, sensitivity, sympathy, healing, acceptance and forgiveness. By sacrificing ourself and who we are… the ego would slowly evaporate, allowing us to blend better with one another.

If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree. John Rohn

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Mercury Direct. Another astrological shift is Mercury stationing direct, Sunday January 8. Communications, paperwork and journeys will slowly begin to move forward again, but it’s wise to use caution in the weeks ahead. We may try too hard to get ahead, but speed bumps will slow us down or unexpectedly knock us off our path, due to challenging aspects between Sun/Uranus on Tuesday January 10, and between Sun/Jupiter on Wednesday January 11. Understand your true intentions, or you may get exactly what you’re asking for with Wednesday’s tenacious Mars/Pluto sextile.

Cancer Full Moon. The Full Moon rises on Thursday, January 12. Intentions that were created on the New Moon will come to a peak; illuminating a brand new light of the truth. The Full Moon encourages endings, release and a termination of a cycle. With a Full Moon in sensitive Cancer, we need to feel nurtured, cared for and secure.. and many will be doing this by spreading acts of kindness or through self-care and self-protection.

The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway. Henry Boye

Mercury in Capricorn. Expectations with demands may rise to the surface as vulnerable Luna squares self-indulgent Jupiter and erratic Uranus. Mercury will re-enter serious Capricorn shortly after – creating a new awareness of what needs to be built and strengthened – to keep us safe and sheltered. Near evening, a supportive Venus/Neptune conjunction helps to disintegrate tall walls and soften tough hearts. Have a happy and blessed 2017! Starcana weekly tarot insight: Cleverly designing a way out. [Magician/FiveWands]

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