Fine-Tuning The Inner Self, Solar Eclipse, Virgo New Moon

Fine-Tuning The Inner Self, Solar Eclipse, Virgo New Moon, Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology

Moving forward is on the agenda this week; and by us doing so, we can leave the past exactly where it belongs; which of course is in the past. A feisty Mars is harmonizing with a defiant Uranus on Wednesday September 9, helping directions to shift once again, with life effortlessly following our cue. Although a new course demands courage and genuine active steps – fear and excitement become our adrenaline high. With an extra shot of oomph from Leo Mars and Aries Uranus, we’re ready to transform ourselves into this strange new call for freedom.

Every time we liberate a woman, we liberate a man. Margaret Mead

Could your heart be holding on to too much? Inner burdens can be incredibly stressful, and trying to carry all this heavy weight can be truly self-limiting. This mighty ecliptic energy can last up to three to six months. Be aware of what situation or emotional attachments you have outgrown – so that wise decisions may be considered when feeling the pressure of letting go, as an outlet to start fresh.

Despite the unstable winds – we jump into the fire anyway. The desire for change is much more stronger (with the recent shift of Venus), which can erratically distract, disrupt or provoke others and any other incoming traffic. Without a careful approach, passions and mistakes can trigger inflamed situations into heated words, accidents, electrical fires, high winds or sporadic storms.

Edgy vibrations (whether brilliancy or irritability) may be something to ponder now, considering the Solar Eclipse/Virgo New Moon this weekend, on Sunday September 13. Eclipses are known to impact lives with major changes and closures; to transform endings into new beginnings. Old doors are closing, so that new doors can open. This mighty ecliptic energy can last up to three to six months… so be aware of what (or who) you may have outgrown, so wise decisions may be considered in where we are letting go, as a way to start fresh.

Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much a heart can hold. Zelda Fitzgerald

It’s a powerful time to start placing intentions, wishes, and dreams out into the universe – in order to create fresh emotions for a new attitude and new beginnings. Because the New Moon energy is so strong right now, inner vibrations can range from very low key to super high strung. If you’re feeling somewhat uncomfortable or exhausted, be extra kind to yourself. Stress management is helpful, along with getting quality rest, meditation, yoga, power naps, and creating some order for self-organization. Stay hydrated with water, vegetables and fruits. Simplify life.

With Moon in practical Virgo, we can benefit new moon blessings when our hopes and wishes are focused inwards; as in our work, service, pets, health, fitness, wellness, self-analysis and mindfulness.

Less is more. Robert Browning

Worry, assumptions, anxiety, panic attacks, digestion issues, and insomnia can be on the rise – if we should fail to acknowledge our own self-care during this very sensitive cycle. Other influencing factors that are on the horizon will be Mars joining resourceful Sun and fruitful Jupiter in Virgo, Mercury retrograde and Saturn re-entering Sagittarius, while Pluto retrograde prepares to change direction as well. Shift is happening folks – can you feel it? Do you have a plan as to what you could sacrifice, to allow growth and evolution?

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  1. T Miller says

    I really enjoy reading your Cosmic Dirt and Tarotscopes. I always find everything you write to be so true to what seems to be happening. The weekly insights are great reminders of things to focus on since there are times when it’s easy to get lost in all that is happening. Thanks 🙂

  2. Youre welcome! And thank you so much for your kind feedback! Its always nice to hear that the insights are helpful!